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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nova Scotia 2011: Self Validation Is A Self Full Act Which Transfixes The Force of Self Terror

Today I celebrate being alive ...
being in love with my planet ...
being with awe in my peace ...
a Human Being with respect of life.

I chose to be in love with peace ...
and to honor life
in all it's forms and expressions ...
I have a choice
to not be in love with life
to judge,
to be judged,
to be judgmental ...
but for me judging myself,
or others,
is mentally Self-terrorizing ...
to be Self-judgmental
and judgmental of others
creates Self-terror ...
and Self-terror
creates terror of life.

To me creating Self-defeating truths ...
is to bring myself down,
lower my Self-esteem ...
and bury my altruistic light ...
To mentally engage in Self-terrorism ...
creates less Self-power,
more powerlessness ...
Self-terrorism is a selfish act ...
which alters the powerful force
of selfless love.

As an individual I choose ...
to own my personal power
to know what I create ...
to recognize my creations,
to create my own feelings ...
express the power of my truth ...
explore ... experience.

I am here
on this planet ... 
in this body
experiencing my Soul-full life-events ...
for as long as I give and take ...
and for as long as it takes me to understand ...
Self-validation is a Self-full act,
which transmutes the powerful force
of selfless love ...
Self-validation is a selfless act,
which transforms the force
of Self-full love ...
Self-terrorism is a selfish act,
which is altered by the powerful force
of selfless love ...
Self-validation is a Self-full act,
which transfixes the force of Self-terror.

Expressing my Self
is to feel my own feelings ...
generate my creativity.
To Self-create is to know my Self ...
Recognize my own emotions,
navigate my mental landscape,
feel my spiritual being ...
Life events in sounds with pictures
eventually traveling through space ...
that can be sensed, read, viewed,
memorized and re.membered.

There are moments when I feel thoughts ...
feel that I am the thoughts that I sense ...
but I know what I am not.

My world is a planetary spaceship moving through space.
My body is a planet
individually housing all the elements of life.
Atmospheric layers of my some things,
energies some how surrounding my body -
in some ways my aurora borealis ...
auric reflections mirroring my energies within,
emanating from my core in some way.
Simply color, light, sound
and more than I can some how imagine.

A friend once shared with me ...
if there is a thought in  your head
it is probably not your own ...
I know thoughts are wireless air traffic ...
the noise of all activity simultaneously occurring ...
I can sense thoughts, I can read thoughts ...
I am not thoughts, they are not me ...
nor do they represent anything that I have created ...

I exist in my inner world ...
the space around me is my expression
my balance of the acoustics in life,
the sound of life as an integral transpersonal presence ...
the all and everything existing as individual vibrational forces -
the what and the wherefore created to live as life.

I am designed to take in impressions
and give off impressions ...
I am more than my personal presence,
I am a song sung by an eternal voice.

Does the sound of my voice manifest?
Is what is sensed in my eyes the already manifest?
Do thoughts manifest, reproduce, and recreate themselves?

I believe thoughts do not manifest.
I believe thoughts do not manifest themselves.
I believe thoughts are already manifest,
and so we sense, read, what has already occurred.
The happenstance of what already is in existence.

I believe I perceive thoughts ...
I believe thoughts are not of my own creation ...
I do not generate thoughts
but I witness thoughts ...
I witness thoughts as energy waves
moving as traffic through space ...
I know and feel the difference
when I create,
and when I witness thoughts.

Are thoughts more than anything other than air traffic noise ...
the already manifest residue ...
leftover harmonics
of something once created ...
now distance spacial reminders of the past?

Are thoughts the harmonics generated
by the happenstance of life?
I believe thoughts are impressions ...
transparent essence, flowing waves of energy ...
possessive memorable carrier signatures ...
wireless sound and mental image pictures ...
which generate fluxes of energetic arcs, sparks ...
contractions, pressures, expansions, impressions ...
thoughts are captured
by our mental and emotional bodies to sense ...
and memorize as data stored, and archived
as life events we call experiences.

Is there a common sense, or a common way of sensing?
Thoughts might be an energy form, we all commonly witness.

Does what an individual create in their own life,
have anything to do with what they sense and experience,
memorize and re.member?
I believe all energy is of the same source ...
and I believe all energy is in one constant flow of re.creation.

It is interesting that all living entities on our planet
are co-created individually to thrive
and survive as individuals.
Each individual's belief system
is special to their own life' journey.
There is no right or wrong path on a journey,
simply individual steps,
moving forward developing their own life.

Each individual creates and follows a direction.
which changes constantly,
with each awakening day,
with each exhale, each inhale,
with each loss of consciousness,
that constantly occurs
as part of the natural human journey.
Sleep a relaxing recreational activity
for processing life experiences.

The past no longer exists,
the future has not been created yet ...
it is in the present that an individual hears
their own unique song of their destiny -
a personal song of personal power,
personal courage and personal awakening.
The individual purpose, vision and value,
is personally created to Self-realize -
each one of us, each one heart, mind,
the spirit of truth
inscribed within each one creation of life.

I have intentionally cultivated myself
to thrive through adaptation ...
to know the immensity of possibility ...
to understand the eternity of life and potential afterlife.
I am certain of the power of the forces of nature,
I know that I have witnessed events beyond
the experience of my senses ...
the unexplainable visions, memories, sounds and sights
all very real to me,
yet creating alterable impressions upon me,
leaving within me an experience
of the mystery of more -
more than this exists, more than that occurs.

I believe individuals existing on this planet
do not speak very often of what is truly meaningful.
Perhaps some individuals cannot find the vocabulary,
or do not know where to find their inner courage ...
to communicate from their heart
what is so very special to them.

Today I celebrate being alive ...
being in love with my planet ...
being with awe in my peace ...
a Human Being honoring all life.

I choose to be in love with peace ...
and to respect all life's forms and expressions ...
I have a choice be in love with life ...
to validate, to be validated, to be validating ...
to me it is mentally gratifying to glorify the act of being loving ...

Creating and interacting with Self-affirming truths ...
feels like I am raising my Self up ...
increasing my Self-esteem ...
revealing my altruistic light ...
emotionally engaging in Self-affirmation 
creating more Self-empowerment ...
more powerfulness ...
Self-validation is a Self-full act,
which alters the powerful force of selfless love ...
Self-validation is a selfless act,
which transforms the force of Self-full love.

In other words, as an individual, I choose ...
to own my personal power,
to know what I create,
I create my own feelings,
express my Self-empowered ... 
feel my truth ... explore ... experience.

I am here ... on this planet ... 
in this body ... owning my Soul-full life events ...
for as long as I give and take ...
and for as long as it takes me to understand ...
Self-validation is a Self-full act
which transmutes the powerful force of selfless love ...
Self-validation is a selfless act
which transforms the force of Self-full love ...
Self-terrorism is a selfish act
which is altered by the powerful force of selfless love ...
Self-validation is a Self-full act
which transfixes the force of Self-terror.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime after 1935 Mary Oliver wrote;
My work is loving the world.
Here the sunflowers, there the hummingbird ~
equal seekers of sweetness."

In 1986 Mary Oliver wrote "The Journey" in "Dream Work";
... But little by little,
as you left their voices behind,
the stars began to burn
through the sheets of clouds,
and there was a new voice
which you slowly
recognized as your own,
that kept you company.
You strode deeper and deeper
into the world,
determined to do
the only thing you could do,
determined to save
the only life you could save."

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Los Angeles 2010: I Fully Exist

My poems took me my entire life to produce.
The stories I tell are non-scripted aberrations 
of time, travel and tension.

My earlier work was absurd, 
violent, non-linear and sad.
Lesions oozing 
from the world of stirred realities 
and confused illusions.

I never knew which was which …
but I always felt 
every breath deeply 
and every tear dramatically –
that is when I could cry…
most times my eyes were blind and dry.

I had seen, and given, too much of myself
to produce expendable moisture of any kind.
I gave away my Soul 
each moment 
while creating the art of my living.
I gave away my Soul 
performing for the masses 
of undesiring audiences.

I no longer stand 
on window ledges and rooftops 
watching pedestrians,
shouting out to them, 
at them 
or with them…

Nor do I write of wounds
to perpetuate 
the violent complexity 
of my inner struggle,
and Self-defeated Self-esteem.
I no longer bang my head 
against walls, sidewalks 
or doorways to the unknown.
I no longer roam the streets homeless,
rejected and denied
with no place to sleep,
and no sleep to reap deeply fulfilling dreams.

There are things that I have seen 
that no one should ever have to see.
There are words that I have heard spoken 
that no one should ever have to hear.
Due to it all, this experience called life -
of living hell 
and questionable mental sanity -
I have blossomed.

I have flowered from a seed hiding, 
germinating, in the dirt,
into a woman forged of fortitude.
Strong to battle standing up 
the chaos of the world within,
and the world without.

I think I am foolish enough 
to always find a store of optimism,
to forgive everything 
and wake up the next day, 
fully present,
having forgot the ruin 
and destruction of the past day before.

I truly believe that I am a loving person,
and that each moment is an opportunity 
to redefine myself, to myself, for myself.

I fully believe that each day is an exercise 
in discovering new ways to love myself,
no matter what…
and so the journey goes on until it ceases to exist…
and my eternal, I, further ventures
into the wonderland of the bodiless soul of adventure,
and I will never cease, nor desist, 
because without a doubt, I know, I fully exist.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
 William F. Scolavino wrote;
“The height of your accomplishments
will equal the depth of your convictions.”

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cuba, NYC 1987: Brush Away Troubles With A Transformational Grin

Cuba New Year’s Eve 
a crammed outdoor sports stadium
gyrating dance, jazz, 
drinks, eats and smokes 
all along a river
sweating with coupled demonstrations 
of contact life and love.
Beach salsa parties 
tart with rum 
end in early morning
when bus stop vendors 
dispense espressos 
to wrinkled clothed insomniacs.

Sunshine lightens the load 
by exposing each day 
to what is concealed.
The dawn opens
energizing endurance 
into those who continue to live -
we who learned from those who passed, 
search for our legacy via human history.

Standing on the beach of Cuba 
looking backwards towards America, 
I see a mirage –
erroneous rubber rafts, 
elusive floating barges,
mythological people 
shipping out on a miracle
fueled by the reverie of a blessing –
from a creative force who loved humans, 
even before 
humans ever dreamed
of praising and loving 
the creativity within universe.

I witness sanctimonious ceremonies 
swimming the hallowed gulf,
life-savers of discontent snug around waist.
I watch the dolphins laugh 
at the competitive distance needing to be dogpaddled, 
and at what deathly pace,
in order to close the spiritual and material gap 
between the worlds.

The grave current knows 
where the boat floats to next.
I drift to New York City 
to the community of exiles 
who keep their culture alive,
in small backrooms, 
in a city on the edge 
of material and spiritual bankruptcy –
yet, rich enough for immigrants 
fresh from other worlds, 
so called developing.
No one shares with the new arrivals 
that this land is in the grips of a so-called recession,
so the immigrants celebrate 
feeling born again with privilege to make merriment – 
yet homesick they feel dead tired 
from scaling wealth upward towards class nobility.

In New York 
the clouds above the skyscrapers demand 
that this city share space 
with occasional rain falling, 
from far above the ground, 
down onto industrious faces.
Men sitting in parking lots control 
damp streets and moistened bodies.
They chair the meetings of the boards, 
the homeland turf needing defending
as Little Italy fights Chinatown 
from unplanned expansion.
These territory wars separate people 
from their dreams of liberty.

Adults could choose 
to live free 
and walk the neighborhood streets
eating pot stickers, shaved ice, and pizza 
instead of creating territorial boundaries,
instead of creating unsustainable wars over resources
instead of consuming fear.
Instead adults teach their children to fear, 
to be in terror and to terrorize.
Adults stage grudge matches 
which threaten the community’s youth
into becoming teenagers terrified of becoming teenagers in terror –
and we all know from human history lessons 
that teenagers in terror terrorize -
and that groups of people when they gather gang up, 
then they are charged up by the energy of the Sun 
and heated into living battles 
which scorch the earth dry 
from the fiery extremes of passion.

There is no middle ground under the Sun -

the hottest ball of energy in our system is solar,
creating solitary independence 
for each individual fused with atomic reaction.
We all know from human history 
that groups of peopled atoms 
when gathered into a protesting vibrating mass
uncontrollably spontaneously combust 
altering all past forms, 
reforming into renewed energies 
to create anew 
expanded uncertain futures.

The highest audience 

looking down upon Broadway claps thunder -
lightning toothpicks clean bright 
the lofty pearly whites of caretaker smiles -
smiles that flash 
the subways to lighten up the darkness 
of those living underground unconsciously.
Unlike clockwork 
the street cleaners and sanitation engineers 
periodically lift the concrete carpet 
to sweep under its under belly -
to hide away for a later time
all the dark unresolved human shame, grudge and grime.
This teeth-clenched city daily sanitizes its smirk, 
seemingly brushing away its nightly troubles, 
by wearing a bedazzling transformational grin.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
After 1940, Miguel Barnet wrote;
“Now that the syllables of my heart
are awake in my house
I spread my voice to all the cardinal points
With a marimba and a drum
I proclaim my love for this land.”