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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nova Scotia 2011: Self Validation Is A Self Full Act Which Transfixes The Force of Self Terror

Today I celebrate being alive;
being in love with my planet.
being in awe of my peace.
being human with respect of Life.

I am in love with peace.
I honor Life in all it's forms and expressions.
I have a choice to not love Life.
I could judge, be judged, be judgmental -
but judging myself and others
feels mentally terrorizing.
To be Self-judgmental
and judgmental of others,
creates terror which produces
a terrible terror-full Life.

To engage in Self-terrorism
is to drain the power out of Life.
Self-terrorism is a selfish act of powerlessness -
powerlessness which paralyzes
and alters one's personal force of nature.
Self-terror rejects Self-love to fuel Self-hate.

As an individual I choose
to recognize my presence,
and my ability to create more presence
and to create the presence of more love.

I respect my Self,
my days and nights
which add up to make
the sum total of my Life time.

I am here on this planet,
in my body experiencing
my Self create my Life.

For as long as I give and take,
for as long as it takes me to give,
and as long as it takes me to forgive -
I create more to recognize more of my Self,
to respect more of my own emotions,
and to navigate more of my unique mental landscape.
Life events created in the soundscape,
experienced as mental image pictures
traveling through space as stories,
sensory eclipses that are written then read,
reviewed, remembered, recycled reenactments.

My world is a planetary spaceship
moving through space.
My body is a planet
hosting all the elements of Life -
atmospheric layers surround body,
in some ways individual aurora borealis,
auric reflections mirroring energies within.
Life choices emanate from my core samples -
what I source as belief
creates some thing, in some way,
depth perception, spacial recognition,
color, light, sound and more -
more than I can some how imagine.

A friend once shared with me,
"If there is a thought in  your head
it is probably not your own."

Thoughts those wireless air trafficked noise
of all activity simultaneously occurring.
To sense thoughts is to read thoughts,
but thoughts represent nothing
and what has already been created
by someone doing something somewhere.

Space surrounds each expression,
the balance of the acoustics forming Life -
the sound of Life as an integral transpersonal presence.
We are, after all, the all and everything
existing as individual vibrational forces -
the what and the wherefore
of what we created to live as Life.

I am designed to take in impressions
and give off impressions.
I can sense personal presence,
I can sense the sound of all things -
the individual song sung
by the making of their presence,
the presence of their actions
eternally vibrating as the voice of their choice.

Are thoughts the harmonics generated
by the happenstance of Life?
I believe thoughts are impressions -
transparent essence, flowing waves of energy,
possessive memorable carrier signatures,
wireless sound and mental image pictures,
generational fluxes of energetic arcs, sparks,
contractions, pressures, expansions, impressions.
Thoughts are captured, held captive
by our mental and emotional bodies
to sense, to store, to story and to story tell.
Life is a tale of storied memorized thoughts,
data stories archived thoughtfully
as Life events we then call experiences -
but thoughts are simple elements of a larger whole,
and so thoughts are always incomplete and transitory.

Is there a common sense or a common way of sensing?
Thoughts might be an energy form we all commonly witness.

It is interesting that all living entities on our planet
are co-created individually to thrive
and survive as individuals.
Each individual's belief system
is special to their own life' journey.
There is no right or wrong path on a Life journey -
simply individual steps of daily destiny,
which move to develop one's own sense of fate.

Each individual creates and follows a direction.
which changes constantly;
with each awakening day,
with each exhale, each inhale,
with each loss of consciousness,
that constantly occurs
as part of the natural human journey -
sleep a relaxing recreational activity
for processing life experiences.

The past no longer exists,
the future has not been created yet.
It is in the present that an individual hears
their own unique song playing out their destiny.

Each their own, to each their own,
personal song of personal power -
a recognition of their own courage,
and the role each plays
in each own's personal awakening.
Individual purpose, vision and value
is not only a form of destiny
but is as well, personally created to Self-realize.
When in Self-doubt, when doubting one's Self,
each one of us each has one heart, one mind,
the spirit of truth inscribed
within each one of us created to create one Life.

I am certain of the power
of the forces of nature.
I know that I have witnessed
events beyond the experience of my senses.
The sensory unexplainable
has remained unexplained -
events of memory, sight and sound,
occurrences in space and time
which alter one's impressions of Life,
and leave mysterious cords that dangle questions.
To live is to want more knowledge of what more exists,
and to make peace with what more there is
which is currently occurring other than we can sense.

I believe individuals existing,
here on this planet,
do not speak very often
of what is truly meaningful.
Perhaps sometimes it is hard
to find the vocabulary,
or to know where to find
the inner courage ...
to communicate
from one's own heart
what is so very special to one's Self.

So, in honor of how hard I have worked
to become my Self,
today I celebrate being alive,
being in love with my planet,
being in awe of my peace,
I am a Human Being honoring all Life.

I am here on this planet, in this body, 
Being my Self, becoming my Self,
for as long as I give and take,
for as long as it takes me to give,
and for as long as it takes me to forgive -
Self-validation is a Self-full act
which transfixes the force of Self-terror.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime after 1935 Mary Oliver wrote;
My work is loving the world.
Here the sunflowers, there the hummingbird ~
equal seekers of sweetness."

In 1986 Mary Oliver wrote "The Journey" in "Dream Work";
... But little by little,
as you left their voices behind,
the stars began to burn
through the sheets of clouds,
and there was a new voice
which you slowly
recognized as your own,
that kept you company.
You strode deeper and deeper
into the world,
determined to do
the only thing you could do,
determined to save
the only life you could save."