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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kona 2012 : Wishing Upon The Stars, Experiencing Peaceful Coexistence

Aloha means love -
words of the wise.
Aloha also means presence -
words to the wise.

I hear people visiting Hawaii using the word 'Aloha' -
no matter what language they use in their home country.
'Aloha' is written in the universal language of feeling.

The 'Aloha Spirit' or 'The Way of Aloha',
is sharing the love -
a way of Life
interacting in integrity
with the Natural world.
"Alo" means - sharing in the present, presence.
"Oha"means joyous affection, love.
"Ha" means Life force energy, breath, essence of Life.

To the Hawaiian Ancients
'Aloha' meant 'Creation Within Us' -
the conscious joyful sharing of existence,
and manifesting Life through presence.

The Wind carries emotions,
so does the Moon, Sun and Stars.
It is not a romantic notion,
but a reality felt as a fact of Nature.
My nature, which I know so well,
I have memorized until
I can feel myself awake
while I am still asleep.

of the ancient Hawaiians
share with me
that Ancestors knew
Nature is not separate
from our whole of existence -
but Nature is the foundation
of our physical world -
and so a part of our very being.
Our core manifest-reality,
Nature teaches Truth -
the insights and revelations
of the natural world's wisdom.

Two weeks ago,
for several nights
the roosters crowed at midnight.
At one o'clock every night
I felt the Earth quake.
Afterwards, each morning
I walked to the community healing garden
to ask the Elder, the caretaker
of the sacred Water garden space,
if she also felt the Earth quake the night before.

Each morning she replied;
"No", she had slept deeply.
Each morning she shared with me
her own beliefs -
and that she believed in me.
"If I had 'felt it' then 'it' must have happened."

The Elder carried so much confidence in my events,
that I ceased to question my own perception of my incidents.
Her reoccurring choice to validate me,
supported me to feel more fully my own self-guidance.
I choose to self-renew my self-esteem.
I choose to believe more of my intuitive whispers.

The following week,
after digging and harvesting
from the rich volcanic soil,
each night I looked to the Volcano -
still, active, red, and glowing.
My friend and I walked
through underground lava tubes.
With a flash light torch we played in the Rain,
illuminated the Rain Forest's leaf umbrellas,
and felt the rock hard lava walls
wet, slippery and ancient.

The smell awakened us to our senses.
The sound of the animals,
as the birds slept,
woke me from my exhaustion.
It was neither weird nor wonderful to be
slithering along pitch black underground caverns,
on an island experiencing Earth quakes -
while lava smoked,
and the clouds plumed,
meeting the almost full Moon.

Life is a most natural event,
and my senses longed to feel open,
and alive -
for such a very long time I craved stillness.
I dreamed I was a taro planted in the Earth,
growing and waiting
for the time to emerge full of the nutrients of life.

My essential ingredients
to sustain my creative breath,
and maintain my musical merriment
are born from sleeping deeply -
and dream travelling to dream
of more ... more of this, more of that ...
more of more of more of more.
I ask for more because
I am created from infinite more.
My heart beats are heard
above the Coqui frogs' whistles.

My heart sounds are mixed with
the music of a White Owl's wing flap.
White Owl navigated
past our car's windshield,
flying faster than we drove.
We had no time to brake from our speed,
but we were slow motioned
by the ancient universal choreography -
the mystery which tilted White Owl's head
in time to meet our eyes.
White Owl stared at us wide eyed,
and wondered who we were
suddenly in it's way,
moving along a road
running high above the cliff and tree tops.

We watched White Owl's wing tips
brush the window of the world clean.
Blessed to witness the whites of the Owl's eyes -
to smell the Earth mixed with wing tips,
to taste the underground Water of the lava flows,
to hear the guitar strums and singers voices
rise above the stars to serenade the universe
with harmonies of peace and gratitude for Life.

I asked my friend,
the guardian of the community garden;
"Why do starfruits host armies of ants?
Why do papayas burst with Water
to quench the thirst of both
the daylight creatures,
and their enemies
the animals of the night time prowl?
Why do smooth lava rocks cut the feet,
and also heat the body
to warm the blood
ending cold disease?"

We laughed at the questions which held no answers,
and ate a few more flowers from the garden harvest,
then pulled a few more weeds from between the vegetables.

It is Nature's way to create and destroy growth,
heal hurt, seal wounds,
grow space to transform,
create beyond the scar tissue,
grow in present time beyond the past -
create within full view of the future.

Nature knows
who it is,
why it is
alive with being
existing in the reality
of life giving and taking moments.
Nature simply is existing
while all else is alive
with the presence of coexistence.

When women birth in the Ocean
the Dolphins come to surround
and protect the delivered baby.
Newly formed life
and new born infants
are loved by all who thrive
on this planet of wonder and creativity.

When I swam the Dolphins came,
alongside me a baby Ocean Turtle
surfed storm-waves -
and off the lava reefs
baby Sharks fed on tropical yellow fish meals.
None of us got in each other's way,
we synchronized our curiosity in balance
with respect for each other,
and the truth of Nature's way.

The roosters stopped crowing at midnight,
and the Earth ceased it's pitch and roll.
Ripples from Japan across the Ocean,
the Tsunami storms came and went,
tossing the waves in a dance with the fish.
We all experienced together
new heights of wonder, wisdom,
and wishing upon the stars,
for more experiences of peaceful coexistence.

~ Other People's Fingerprints ~
Aia i ka 'olelo ke ola, aia i ka 'olelo ka make
"In language is life and death."

"Center of the Universe"

"Grower's Storm"

Kilauea Volcano on Kona Hawai'i