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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Los Angeles 2012: The Secrets Of Living Are Within Our Unlocked Hearts

Self-empowerment has been described
as a special kind of Self-experience
that values inner knowing
over outer achievement.

Self-empowerment has been imagined to be
a special kind of Self-acceptance,
turned on one day
like an inner light switch illuminates
the chambers within our body,
that house spirit, and temple soul.

Some people are waiting to be empowered,
by someone, or something, other than their Self.
It is a curious state of being
to be in a state of holding,
a state of beholding
unto someone other than your Self
to determine for you what your own life will be.

A Self empowered is a Self creating life.
Self-leadership is leading your own life yourself,
leading yourself with your own Self-powers.

Self-love animates your life force
into liberating your memories,
to free yourself,
from enslavement to another.
Unchaining yourself from a concept of life,
and idea that something other than yourself is more powerful ...
more important than your own Self's personal truth.
It is empowering to remember who you truly are -
an act of life force, living your eternal significance,
ennobling your own ascension within,
to live in, and create, your own interior landscape's domain.
I am, my Self reigns true - no rules, no other rulers.

Self-leadership to some people is a concept not a reality.
Imperfection is a concept.
Believing in an imperfect world is a belief ...
which can destroy living your dreams in splendor,
by imagining that illusions are grander than reality.
In a perfect world
all things that rise into being,
and ultimately take shape in this world,
are born from imagination's grandeur.

To believe you are a miracle in the making
of more miracles,
is to believe you are a miracle made,
from other miracles.
Self-leadership to some people is a reality not a concept.

Some people say,
that the power of intuition knows no limits,
and cuts through both false logic and faulty facts.
Perhaps the way forward
is not something you seek or can find,
but simply a way and means of being -
found only inside, in being your Self ...
Being your Self in every way, and by all means.
By all means necessary, be truthful -
to your own Self to be true,
and to your own Self be a true miracle.

In the journey of transformation,
I always see life's experiences differently in the present,
than when the event actually occurred in the past -
I accumulate change,
I grow my own library of experience,
from simply experiencing life.

An experience is an ongoing event that never ends,
and so it is always in transformation
with power to change, rearrange, be made and unmade.

I expand.
I align with my inner sense of knowing -
which then alters my state of being.
I have no hard corners, fixed boundaries or finite sensations.

I expand continually into the deep
dimensional depth of integrated Self-realizations.
I enjoy releasing all ideals, concepts and beliefs
of my Self and my life,
to support liberating myself to create freedom to change.
I continually transform into nothing less that something more,
I am present as someone, and am always someone more.

It is simple to write down words,
one by one to describe the experience of one life.
But when I am alone, and quiet in those silent moments ...
I know for sure, I am not a concept or a belief.
I know absolutely, I exist and I am alive.
I am not a concept or a belief, I am more.
I am more than, I conceptualize or believe.
I am more than, my imagination ever imagines.
I am more than, my life experience ever experiences.
I am more than, my waking hours fill full ...
I am more than, my sleeping hours dream.

I am more than words can describe one by one,
or in groups of thousands of sounds
chanted over time by the loudest voice ever heard.

It is simple to breathe.
It is simple to wake up.
It is simple to die a death.
One hundred or more times, throughout an eternity
living is full of transformational transitions.
Life is a dance with the forces of life,
and the forces in life which evolve,
through creating more revolving creation.

It is simple to eat when you are hungry for more.
It is simple to live when you know death is eventual.
What is also simple is that death as an event is born,
from the natural state of grace within change.

I suppose we are all poets living our unsaid creations,
with our unspoken musings, and our unwritten words.
Perhaps our daily experiences are a mirror
to our unconscious unimagined hopes,
and our conscious imagined dreams.

It is simple to write words that unlock the mystery of life,
when the secrets of living are within our unlocked hearts.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime after 1856 George Bernard Shaw said,
You see things; and say,
But I dream things that never were; and say,
"Why Not?"
"Life isn't about finding yourself,
Life is about creating yourself."

Sometime after 1643 Isaac Newton said,
"We build too many walls and not enough bridges."