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Monday, March 14, 2011

Tokyo 1989: Sanity Is: The Compassionate Madness of Love

Rain falls
so I take my favorite route 
away from the crowd,
to emerge under Ginza's railway bridge.
Here velcro-shut-in plastic-bubbles,
filled with tempura soup stalls,
and boiling noodle standing tents,
create food for cold and hungry people.
Steam exits from the customer's mouths,
as they open wide to consume
what is cheaply placed before them.

Escaping heat
streams upward seeking shelter 
under lamppost shades.
My eyes glow yellow 
under lamplight golden beams.
I am a cat watching in the dark 
the path that rain takes
as it pours onto the heads 
of tented customers. 
They enter and exit 
releasing fuzzy-tear velcro-noises, 
and misty soup-steam into navy-blue nights.

Teacups reveal
bottoms soaking-wet with fallen-leaves 
foretelling the fortunes of alchemy's luck in life.
How to turn concrete into gold, 
and transform metal from solid to liquid flame.
The mystic qualities of life 
are not a manipulated fiction, but a fact.
Questioning the logic of life
disrupts the balance and imbalance of the linear -
reveals those who are desperate to believe 
our contra-conception reality of events.

Bullet trains 
whip by at the speed of sound 
tossing my hair wildly upwards -
in bowing worship 
to gleaming armored-bodies.
Zeus throws thunderbolts 
lighting up the under-tracks -
blade runner sparking halos 
that hail the advancing techno-army.
Metal on metal brakes-to-rails 
create streaming currents of electrical saints –
rain falls truth in it's energy-charged droplets, 
mixing with rising false vapors of steamed people.

Pure futuristic thought in present time,
I think of one person, then the many -
imagined and pulled 
straight out of my hive mind.
All reveals the world of society within myself, 
the shadows of illusions within the truth of fiction.
I inspirationally suddenly become alive,
with comprehension of sensitivity among insanity.
Sanity is: to never lose compassionate faith in love for life.
Sanity is: the compassionate madness of love.

~ Other people's Fingerprints ~
Sometime after 1659, 山本 常朝 Yamamoto Jocho said;

“One may measure the stature of a person’s dignity
on the basis of external impression.
There is dignity in assiduity and effort.
There is dignity in serenity.
There is dignity in closeness of mouth.
There is dignity in observing proper etiquette.
There is dignity in behaving always with propriety.
There is great dignity too in clenched teeth and flashing eyes.
All these qualities are externally visible.
The most important thing is to concentrate on them at all times