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Sunday, March 6, 2011

San Francisco 2003: The World Spins From Choice and Interpretation

He surrendered to a whole new beginning.
A friend died in Tibet
filming a Chinese movie
for an American company.
We gather today
from around the world
to celebrate life,
and the cycles of existence.

Tibetan friends pray recalling his Spirit from Tibet
to return Home,
to bless his parent’s hearts.
As witnesses we see
that we all come from a long line of people,
who hand in hand and heart over heart
link us to the beginning of existence.

We come from a legacy tapestry of ancestry,
which connects us to the meaning of life.
We come from a circle of life,
which transcends birth and death,
beginnings and endings.
Our ancestors knew they came here to love,
to be loved,
and evolve
through learning
about the many dimensions of love.
Each ancestor contributed moments
to the collective pool of feelings.

Being humble does not mean being unaware of our life’s majesty.
My advice to my friends is to practice everyday
creating something larger than your Self -
and deepening Self-understanding
of if there is something larger than your Self.

When I feel rage, anger, hatred, pain, love, joy and compassion, 
I drop every weapon in my arsenal of feelings, 
open my hands and heart to expand my Self -
by releasing my emotions
so I can become transformed
into something larger
than a body of uncomfortable sensations.
Human experience is alive,
I open my hands and heart to release
any punishing weapons of Self-judgement.

Each day I care for my Self
by ingesting healthy water, food, air  -
it is my choice to transform my Self into more.
It is my choice to expand to become more of my Self
in the vast largeness -
the expansiveness that connects each one of us
to the infinite within our Self, our life - all life.

I build sand houses at the edge of waves,
so immediately my house is washed,
engulfed in the transformation
of becoming part of something larger.
I take walks on the land,
plant seeds,
so I take root in the vastness of connection.
I tell my pain to the birds,
so they carry it away
by singing to the world of existence -
birds sing songs of transformation erasing pain,
so music gains melodic strength of purpose.

Yesterday when I was meditating in peace,
a beautiful Raven flew by
so I sent it love.
It turned,
flew into my towering glass window
and was crushed,
I cared for it as it died.
As it died,
Soul left body
in shimmering waves
like a breeze
flickers a candle flame alive.

Watching from above
another Raven chose
to fly into my window glass.
Joining in death its Soul’s mate
it crushed the weight of its life
against the same fragile tower of fate.

I did not grasp at seeking any external meaning
to these sacrificed lives,
I became quiet,
communicated inwardly
and asked to receive an internal message.

I looked outside myself for relief,
and read in a Native American medicine book;
"When Ravens appear open yourself to miracles,
use new eyes, embrace life’s wonders"
In the Native American tradition
truth is found through simplicity, using introspection.

A flock of wild green parrots flew by
screaming madly,
followed by another flock
of sixty or more lime green parrots
also shrieking loudly.
Is the noise they make excitement or anxiety,
it sounds almost the same,
but it is not.

The parrots fly like schools of fish swim,
directionally darting
suspended by their beliefs
that they can fly.

Some people ask and pray 
for revenge, retaliation, retribution and war -
while others ask and pray 
for forgiveness, mercy, compassion and peace -
it sounds almost the same, 
but it is not, 
so I choose what I ask for carefully, 
the world spins on its axis 
fueled by the power of our choices 
and interpretations.

~ Other People's Fingerprint ~
Recently Carolyn Brent wrote;
“Through the power and grace of forgiveness,
forgiving the unforgivable,
forgiving self and others,
love is liberated
and with that release-

freedom, peace, power 
and new life are available.
True love of Self is the result.”

During the Zhou Dynasty, Laozi (Li Er 李耳)wrote,
"The key to growth is the introduction
of higher dimensions of consciousness
into our awareness."

Day of the Dead / Dia de la Muertos"
Los Angeles, 2013