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Monday, March 21, 2011

Los Angeles 2011: Your Dreams Clean, Empower Your Force of Existence

I know some humans feel
the world revolves around them,
but consider that
perhaps all life
collectively creates
the clean spin
that together
revolves our world

With healthy attitudes
towards all life
we create healthy lives
for ourselves.

The lifeblood coursing
through our veins,
which animates our being,
is the spirit of our Soul
married in a relationship
with the elementals
of ether, air, fire, water and earth.

There are many concepts of reality,
being kept alive as beliefs,
in many cultures sharing our planet.
Yet, we all are created
from the same source of inspiration.
Consider the one source of inspiration,
that created humanity
also created the planet,
all the other planets
and multiverses,
and all of Space's occupants.

Life is simple
although some humans
tend to focus their energy
on the complex.
Life is so simple
it expires ...
life dies when it's harmony
is out of balance,
and it's basic foods grow polluted.

Life is a simple act
of reawakening each day
refreshed and alert -
yet some individuals wake
dead tired and drained of energy
perhaps overlooking,
and not reading their own vital life signs.

Simply bring your awareness to your Self,
to create days and nights filled with fulfillment -
by appreciating your basic elemental necessary foods.

From the world of stones and trees
to the civilizations of fauna and ocean life,
we are born to share
and co-create harmoniously
with all that surrounds us,
which we are in relationship with -
all which lives around us,
all that lives within us and enlivens us.

It is the elemental foods
of ether, air, fire, water and earth
that clean and sustain us.
So it is our basic simple responsibility
to create and sustain clean environments -
to support the life cycles of the essential
elemental foods that grow and thrive alive creativity.
All That is alive contributes
it's own creative life force,
to nourish all, all that requires nourishing -
all that is nourishing gives nurturing -
all that is vital gives and receives vitality.

Humanity is precious,
you are precious,
and so take care of your Self.
You are on this planet,
you are alive,
you are here
creating each day of your life -
and you are creating the environment,
in which each day of your life is lived in,
lived through, and lived out.

Existence is simply waking up each day
and seeking nourishment -
to keep alive your dream of being here,
to Self-energize your dream alive.

Your Self-individualization
lives an existence
of simple acts
that create life affirming actions,
which feed, nourish and revive your Being alive.

Life is simple existence,
on this planet giving due
to what care takes you,
and gives care to life.
The elemental existences,
which uphold life -
support all that existed
before we were born,
and created all life
before we came into existence.

Our life is a life cycle of living,
a life responsible to care take
the life responsible for our existence.
Supporting the life that gives care
and gifts life-force to our life
requires we in turn take care
and give care to life in return.

A symbiotic relationship
is a relationship between two entities
which is mutually beneficial
for the participants of the relationship.
There exists a harmony present at your creation,
which creates a positive-sum gain from cooperation.
If positive sum-gain is missing from your life 
then your existence and survival are out of balance. 

Are you creating experiences 
that deplete you of your vital life forces?
Do you find your Self tired, thick headed, 
foggy mind, forgetful, disoriented? 

You are responsible 
to clearly fulfill your own needs - 
to feed your Self 
the clean essential elemental foods, 
that thrive and drive 
your everyday 
existence of accomplishments. 

You are accountable to fulfill 
your own necessary daily requirements 
of clean elementals foods 
which care take the mechanics of your being.

You are the sustainable manager 

of your life force, and force of your life.

You are the care taker 

and care giver on whom your existence relies.
You are the event manager 
and fulfiller of your dreams.

You are the dreamer 
of your very existence into being,
and so you are also the dream.

Your dreams clean 
and empower your force of existence.

Your dreams clean your power trails 
and empower each step with Self-divinity.

Your visions quest into being 
your manifest destiny of super reality.

Dreams clean your system, 
clarify your mind 
and clear your life force. 
Dreams clear your body,
so positive-sum gain 
can symbiotically manifest,
in all your everyday activities 
and your nightly restful recreation. 

You direct your dreams 
to care take 
and give care of your Self, 
to support your Self gain 
and progressive 
life affirming accomplishment. 

You guide your Self 
to dream clean 
and clear positive-sum gains, 
enriching refreshing 
elemental benefits, 
which clean 
your air, fire, water 
and earthly remains while sleeping. 

Dream a dream which cleans your planet.
Your body is the planet of your Soul, 
the planetary host of your spirit.

Where we travel when asleep is anyone's guess.

When we awaken each day we experience ourself -
manifestations of our own creations.  
I dream dreams that clean my Self,
and the life force of my existence. 
I dream visions of a clean world,
which empowers and enlivens -
reinvigorates the life force of all life in existence.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometimes after 1871 in his novel 
"À la recherche du temps perdu" 
(In Search of Lost Time) 
Remembrance of Things Past 
Marcel Proust wrote; 
"The only real voyage of discovery 
consists not in seeking new landscapes, 
but in having new eyes 
in seeing the universe 
through the eyes of another, 
one hundred others - 
in seeing the hundred universes 
that each of them sees."

Image Credit: Karin Lisa Atkinson 
"Urban Green"