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Monday, March 14, 2011

Tokyo 1989: Hold The Sun In The Midst Of Pitch Darkness

A friend heard me say;
“Our bodies 
are a vessel of flesh and bone 
but we are mostly made of water.”

I continue internally digesting life 
and life's eventful life experiences.

I tell my friend ...
“Nesting liquid heated to the atom, 
our bodies are a chilled glass container.”

Then I say,
“Eventually our souls become transparent 
and then our bodies non-existent.” 

I take a walk ...
Day-end darkened weary features 
of people crowding dessert shops
eating samples at the door, 
mixing green tea 
and sweet red bean aromas
into the already 
scented puddles 
of freshly fallen rain.

On the streets I pass 
fresh sushi riding conveyor belts 
in circles at restaurant counters.
Neatly sliced raw pinky fish on white rice, 
priced by the color of the plate.
I stop to watch 
the recently deceased flesh 
travel around the world 
of the customers.
Fish smells are inhaled up my nose.
I exhale, 
the seafood of ocean life, 
into the path 
of another passerby’s nose.

Life passes backwards 
while I walk forward 
towards home.
I think I smell Hollywood: 
Mexican tamales, Ethiopian bread, Thai noodles.
My feet hurt from hitting the day-long concrete streets.

I soften 
as I contact 
the wooden walkway 
leading into our garden.
I firmly plant myself in the ground 
by slipping on wet balsam tree planks.

I pick up 
a round energetically vibrant stone 
hiding under the garden shrubbery.
My hands are red cold, 
dripping wet; 
home is where the heart is.

I am home, 
home is governed 
by my Shogun landlady.
She owns her own post-war-Tokyo 
construction-worker’s boarding house.
She respects women 
and she thinks men are big baby bears 
with large calloused paws.
No matter, 
in her world, 
her reality 
is providing each guest 
with their own paper room.

There are house rules 
for the worldly guests: 
Singles only,
No coupled sex,
Self serve only.
Free hot green tea. 
Free hot water for instant noodles. 
Free hot nightly baths before bed.

There are many rules to govern 
our code of conduct,
the regulations assure 
clean inner functions 
to ensure outer cleanliness.

Legend says ...
the Emperor Keiko 
was the first person with the title of Shogun ...
the word Shogun means 
Barbarian-subduing General.
I currently am the barbarian 
being subdued by the Shogun,
and so I read 
some words from the year 1300
written by (Lalla) (Lal Ded) Lalleshwari.

“Where did I come from, and how?
Where am I going?
Will I know the road?"

"This life is empty breath.
If I can hear one clear truth,
I’ll be fortunate."

"Who can hold the drippings in freezing mid-winter?
Oh, who can hold the wind in one’s clenched hand?
He and only he who crushes the five sense-organs and tears them into shreds.
He alone can hold the sun in the midst of pitch darkness.”

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~ 

Sometime after 1929
Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke and wrote; 
"We must accept finite disappointment, 
but never lose infinite hope."