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Friday, March 30, 2018

Los Angeles 2018: "Living in the Heart is what Really Matters"

Women guard optimism.
Women conceive, gestate, incubate
and birth optimism every nine minutes.

Bioregenerative symbiotic relationships,
are simple complex ways of bringing more life -
to live what is, to live what is already living.

Life to what is already living, and wants more life.

We generate relationships to all that is.
We live by breathing in the relationships of all to everything.
We are in coexistence, even before we are birthed (here).

To live, we are required to transform everything.
From oxygen, to food stuff, to water to atoms -
everything universally naturally moves and flows.

Everything multidimensionally lives on many levels.
Life, one of our superpowers, is evapotranspiration -
from within we transport a giving.

An inhale to give, and an exhale that remakes the gift of life.

Teleporting from above, to below, to within,  to receive.
We give, and receive, to help ourself and each other's heart liberate.
life transpires, it moves, it spins on the breath we inhale from each other.

Our continued breathing transports more optimism.
The only way through this life is to build a new life.
The only way through this world is to build a new world.

The roots, foundation, structure
are created with systematic optimism.
A system precisely aligned with kind hearts.

Kindness, as a value system, treasures -
a wealth of precise wisdom guiding,
what is in the heart of what matters.

Kindness, as an innate organism, self-reveals an archive -
a precise self-realization self-recognized self-determines
what is in the heart and what lives in the matter.

What is in the matter does not necessarily live in the heart.
What matters does not necessarily live in the heart.
What is living in the heart, is what really matters.

Living in the heart is what really matters.
Living in the heart really matters.
Living hearts matter.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
"Sometimes before 2018, Ursula Le Guin wrote;
“Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone,
it has to be made, like bread;
remade all the time,
made new.”

Sometime after 1567, Saint Francis de Sales said;
"Never be in a hurry;
do everything quietly
and in a calm spirit.
Do not lose your inner peace
for anything whatsoever,
even if your whole world seems upset."

Sometime after 1936, Pema Chödrön wrote;
"To be fully alive,
fully human,
and completely awake
is to be
thrown out of the nest.
To live fully
is to be
in no-man's-land,
to experience each moment
as completely new and fresh.
To live is to be
to die over and over again.”

Friday, March 3, 2017

Los Angeles 2017 "Space Time Constant: Learning To Care For Each Other"

We are all learning to care for each other.
I sometimes hear people say,
"What are we going to do with,
where are we going to put,
how are we going to treat;
our Elders, our orphans,
our unHoused, our protestors,
our veterans, our journalists,
our differently abled, our artists,
our migration borders, our refugees,
our homeland, our reservations,
our planet, our nature,
our insanity, our madness,
our children who are our future."

History will remember us
for what we will not imagine,
and what we will not do.
Perhaps way in the future
our children will be taught,
that thousands of years ago
lived some do gooders,
who came together to will more,
who united to create more together -
where there is will, there is a way.

People creating more support
is an emanation of more love.
To create more love,
each one of us chooses
to want more love.
To want more love,
each one of us chooses
to want more peace.
To create more peace,
each one of us chooses
to want more peace.
To want more peace,
each one of us chooses
to want more peace.

I often meditate on the value of more.
More that is not greed,
but more that is beyond greed.
Perhaps each one of us is designed
to first experience greed,
in order to experience lack.
Perhaps each one of us is designed
to first experience lack,
in order to experience fear.
Perhaps each one of us is designed
to first experience fear,
in order to experience survival.
Perhaps each one of us is designed
to first experience survival,
in order to experience the value of Life.
Perhaps each one of us is designed
to first experience Life
in order to experience death.
Perhaps each one of us is designed
to first experience death
in order to experience more Life.
Perhaps each one of us is designed
to experience more Life
in order to experience more firsts.

The space time constant is more,
but not necessarily of the same.
Time and space are not as constant
as everyday life would suggest.
The gravitational pull on the human heart,
beats slower for some and faster for others.

Time is not what we think it is,
our human bodies, such as they are,
are water based atomic clocks -
which on Earth run slower at Sea level,
and faster at on higher ground.

Time dilates traveling through Space,
one true constant is the speed of light.
Time can run faster or slower
depending on how high you are,
and how fast you travel.
Sit more and reduce your height.
Breath more deeply to increase fuel intake.
Be still more to slow your movement.

If each one of us is unique
then how can we come together?
Uniqueness powers individuality,
and diversity powers the mind.
Acceptance frees imagination,
and imagination creates more.

History will remember us
for what we imagined,
and for what we did.
Perhaps way in the future our children
will be inspired and taught
that thousands of years ago
lived some do gooders,
who united, together, created more.
Where there is will, there is a way,
where there is more will, there is way more."

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime after 1879 Albert Einstein said;
"The true sign of intelligence is
not knowledge but imagination."

"Light Breeze" by Karin Lisa Atkinson

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Los Angeles 2017: "Life Loves Colour"

I feel like a planetary nebula
revolving in a constellation
when I sit my attention
in the center of my heart.
I watch the trafficking
of other people's creations
spinning around me,
but this I can only do
if I keep my awareness still -
this I can only see
if I keep my awareness centered
on myself.

Space, my relationship to it.
Spacial awareness.
Spacial recognition.
Spacial differentiation.
Spacial depth perception.
Life loves colour and form.

A moment ago, I googled "planetary nebula".
I wanted to see this described,
by some human perspective,
by some humans seeking perspective.
It strikes me often that the meaning
humans attribute to things outside themselves,
are often a metaphor for their own life.

Humans make up words based on something
they experience outside themselves.
Humans see something then feel the need
to describe it to someone else -
in order to have the experience
it must first be understand to be owned.
I believe that this human pattern of behaviour
has become a recognizable tradition over time.

Human recognition of
function over form,
form over essence,
substance over form,
existence preceding essence,
essence preceding existence.
Are humans determined by
what surrounds them, by actions or words?
I, who freely, transform my situation into action.
I, who have, ability to see the world for myself.
I, who see, myself amidst all inner outer worlds.

A poet once said,
"... the world is
a mirror of my freedom".
"... man first of all exists,
encounters himself,
surges up in the world –
and defines himself afterwards."

A moment ago, I googled "constellation".
I wanted to see this described,
by some human perspective,
by some humans seeking perspective.
It strikes me often that the meaning
humans attribute to things outside themselves,
are often a metaphor for their own life.
Looking at an other body to understand their body.

Constellation: a group of stars
forming a recognizable pattern
that is traditionally named
after its apparent form formed.
Modern astronomers divide the sky
into eighty-eight constellations
with defined boundaries.
A group, or cluster, of related things.
Example given: "no two bodies ever show
exactly the same constellation of symptoms."

Planetary nebula: is a kind of
emission nebula consisting of
an expanding, glowing shell of
ionized gas ejected from
old red giant stars late in their lives.
Nebulas were once thought to be cloud, mist -
being a relatively short-lived phenomenon,
their bodies expiring only after
a few tens of thousands of years,
compared to a typical stellar lifetime
of several billion of years of formation,
before recomposing their bodies to deform.
Body creates another body.

A mechanism for formation
of most planetary nebulae
is thought to be the following:
At the end of the Star's life,
the outer layers of the Star
are expelled by strong stellar winds.
After most atmosphere is dissipated,
a planetary nebula nucleus,
the ultraviolet radiation
at the hot luminous core,
ionizes the outer layers
earlier ejected from the Star.
Body creates another body.

Around the central Star,
absorbed ultraviolet light
energises the shell of nebulous gas,
causing the Star to appear
as a brightly coloured
planetary nebula.

Body is formed from the body of another.
We all live in bodies formed by other bodies.
Bodies linked and formed over time,
a lemniscate temple housing memories -
a place-value store of treasure
crafted over millions of years,
googolplexes of bodies forming
an infinitude of perpetual ephemeral bodies.

I feel like a planetary nebula
revolving in a constellation -
when I sit my attention
in the center of my heart.

When I sit my attention
in the center of my heart.
I watch the trafficking
of other people's creations
spinning around me.

This I can only do
if I keep my awareness still.

This I can only see
if I keep my awareness centered -
on my own body, my own form,
and what lives within my self.

I, then experience, Life in many forms.
I, that Life loves, making diverse forms.
I, that Life colours, by unifying all it's forms.
I, We, Life - all,
all it's colours, shapes and forms.
Life loves colour.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime after 1904, Joseph Campbell wrote;
"Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again."

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Los Angeles 2017: "Urban Planet", "Everything Revolves Around It's Center"

"Cities on planet Earth tend to be large.
What is large about Earth-bound cities
is their personality and history -
the history of their personality.
Be careful, when you investigate a city!
Take small steps, long breaths, smile often!

When searching a city for any sign of Life,
close your eyes and feel your way around.
Move in circles starting from the city center.
Close your eyes, open your heart,
extend your hands in front of you,
plant your feet on the ground,
stretch and separate your toes.
The best part of the body for navigating Life,
is the soft part between your fingers and toes.

The soft part of the body,
between the fingers and toes,
is the last place corrupted by greed.
The location of the body's soft spots -
remember, hold the memory
of how to be a child,
and be child like.

If you encounter someone in the city,
don't crush their hand by shaking it!
Torturing the soft spot between the fingers,
with a vise-grip-like wrench of their hand,
will squeeze the Life out of their body.
If you meet someone living in the city,
best to smile, from ear to ear.
Let them know that there is nothing to fear -
not a single thing hiding between your teeth,
or lurching beneath your tongue!

My experience, of which there is plenty,
has taught me to smile and laugh
when greeting people.
I expose the inside of my head,
by letting them see into me,
all the way in to the back of my throat.
I let them see my friendliness!
Imagine while they watch me smile and laugh,
I imagine that I have super powers -
or at least the ability to smile and laugh at will.
I have the power to share joy,
spread kindness and offer friendship.

When exploring cities on planet Earth
it's great to let people know,
what is in your heart and on your mind!
Empty your mind, clear your throat,
release your yesterdays and tomorrow
so you can choose to create a new today.
Be your best hand-shake foot-forward self -
be available and present
by offering a spectacular beginning
to any introductory moment.

Let go of being the enemy of friendship,
so you can first be human!
If you see enemies first,
then you will never have friends.
It is harder to make a friend,
if they were first your enemy.

Above all things,
the most important thing of all,
is to fill your time with human kindness.
Be friendly, be a friend to attract a friend.
Friendship is what makes the world go round."

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime after 1936 Pema Chödrön wrote

in her book "Practicing Peace in Times of War";
“When we’re putting up the barriers
and the sense of “me”
as separate from “you”
gets stronger,
right there
in the midst of difficulty and pain,
the whole thing could turn around
simply by not erecting barriers;
simply by staying open to the difficulty,
to the feelings that you’re going through;
simply by not talking to ourselves
about what’s happening.

That is a revolutionary step.
Becoming intimate with pain is the key
to changing at the core of our being -
staying open to everything we experience,
letting the sharpness of difficult times
pierce us to the heart,
letting these times open us, humble us,
and make us wiser and more brave.

Let difficulty transform you.
And it will.

In my experience, we just need help in learning
how not to run away.”

"At the center of everything is it's own center.
The center of each thing's center is central.
Central to the center of each thing is it's core.
The center, of the core at the center of all things, is central.
Central to all things is the core meaning of what is central.
The central meaning, of all cores, is the Life at the center.
Life is, the core of all centralized things, central to Life.
Centralized cores, are at the center, of all concentric Life.
Concentric Life is organized according to what is central.
What is central is the core meaning of concentric life.
The core meaning of Life is Life having concentric meaning."

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Los Angeles 2017: "False Spin, Magic Realism"

"Spin a yarn, weave a tale,
share a story, tell a lie.
What makes truth true,
and not a web of worries?
What makes culture real,
and not inappropriate appropriation?
What makes culture whole,
and not fabricated or manufactured?
Does a person's intention and desire,
individual permission and personal history,
create peace or foster war within?

In the world wide web of communication
is there common unity and common sense,
but does good intention count for anything?
Communion, existence is an encounter
in balance and equalization, where everything is
neither independent nor dependent -
existence is interdependence on everything else.
Everything is something that once held another shape -
and once experienced something other than it's self.

Wellness is well intended
when a person's heart and mind
creates for self and common good.
Heart felt self-respect promotes dignity,
and self-inclusiveness outweighs exclusion.

When respect is felt by all,
everybody's life counts,
everyone feels like they matter -
our planet physically counts for something.
Planetary spiritual alchemical charm -
a consensus of consciousness
that our collective Ancestors
called manifesting Magic.

When a person's Magic is real
presence manifests quiet calm to the quick -
such power moves the mass to heal,
to feel feelings felt,
intuitive ease in the core.
Magic does not take an army
to soldier belief or enforce followers -
Magic is awareness flowering
from the power of self-creation.

Magic rewards what gives life, not takes it.
For Magic, there are no rules of engagement.
Magic is presence, presence powers the cells -
empowers the Magic of gifting and receiving
simple insights, that manifest light in the day,
which at night warms and feeds the internal fire.

Magic is a lightness of being -
a Magi's illumination converts cold unconsciousness
and burns transparently clear any reign of illusion.
To take another's power, or life source,
will not give more to yourself -
but will be your unmaking
and only take it's toll,
extract an illusion at a cost
of your own self-respect and dignity.

Magic realism requires belief.
If I had to believe in something,
I would believe in myself.
My ability to spin a yarn,
weave a tale, share a story -
with peace, my life feels true.
Without peace what I create lies,
and my creations might lie awake
unable to rest in peace -
unable to touch any heart,
reach into what matters most,
travel the transformative void of now.

Atoms carry our stories,
memorized spins,
woven yarns of tales told.
Pushed dominoes stacked end to end,
mirroring solar storms of distance futures,
often mimicking the fear of our present dances.
The movement of each choice a truth or lie,
and everyone and everything in between,
creating a spin that blurs each choice.
Each choice archived in the world wide web,
each choice a dream not yet true or real.

What is the stuff that dreams are made of?
Yarns spun, tales woven, stories shared?
Inappropriate cultural appropriation?
Manufactured culture, fabricated reality?
Truth be told, what is true might not be said,
but truth is felt in hearts as worldly wisdom,
and does not create a web of worries,
but rests the soul at one with peace.

What choice will you make?
What choice makes you?
What choice will unmake you today?
What choice will you unmake today?
Truth be told, what is said can be undone.
To rest the soul at one with peace,
be magical today and tonight rest easy at peace."

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
In 1894, John Jacob Astor IV wrote,
"They had often seen it in the terrestrial sky,
emitting its strong, steady ray,
and had thought of that far-away planet,
about which till recently
so little had been known,
and a burning desire had possessed them
to go to it and explore its mysteries.
Now, thanks to apergy,
the force whose existence
the ancients suspected
but of which they knew so little,
all things were possible."

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Los Angeles 2017: Lingering Impressions

If it was not for the blur in One's Life
then One would have no hope
of recognizing that reality is not real -
that reality is only one experience of oneness.

Born in the blur of Life
hope comes from impermanence
arises from transient, evanescent,
inconstancy of one life lived by One.

Effective living betters mediocracy
and restores individual livelihood
to self-create sustainable subsistence -
one life valued by the One who is living it.

One sets One's own individual standards,
to be beyond ultimate meaning and purpose,
to see clearly One's own unique existence,
to be the One in one once-in one lifetime.

To be certain of change, is to be
confident of Mind, courageous of Heart,
to create one life worth living,
once in one moment.

One's livelihood worth living
is to live for One's own self betterment
to provide One's own life transformational
talent from mediocrity and meaninglessness.

To be One's own self-guidance system,
is to be one force and freak of Nature - an awe,
in awe of awesome momentary awesomeness -
living one life is a flash in One's moment of eternity.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
In 1046-256 BC Laozi Li Er 李耳 wrote;
"Knowing others is wisdom,
knowing yourself is Enlightenment."

                                 Photography by Karin Lisa Atkinson

"What is Life if not gentle -
all Life values gentleness
admires gentleness, 
is in awe of gentleness. 

Who are the gentle - 
those who understand 
the power, 
 the presence 
and the passion 
of that which is, gentle.

Why are the gentle valued 
by those who are gentle, 
by those who are not gentle, 
by those who desire to be gentle -
gentility is the ability to respect Life. 

Gentility is a gift given 
to those who have the ability to listen, 
gentility is a gift cultivated 
by those who want to be listeners, 
gentility is a gift valued 
by those who want to be listened to, 
gentility is a gift of peace 
to all those who want to be peaceful. 

To be gentle is to be at peace, 
to be at peace is to be gentle, 
listen to the sound of peace, 
it sounds like gentleness -
step gently
leave gently, 
create gentle impressions, 
be peaceful."

"Beauty among Life's pins and needles,
always there, sometimes blurred, 
but always present in full bloom,
or as presence in a seed, 
hidden below the surface, 
yet ready to blossom, 
on any given day and night, 
all year long, all the time, 
Beauty isn't seasonal, nor finite, 
Beauty is eternal, infinite -
seek Beauty to find Beauty, 
because Beauty is always present, 
buried within the seed that contains all Life"

"Impressions move the Mind
to change form into emotions -
and transform perception of Self. 
Impressions can magnify to simplify, 
and minimize to complicate - 
extolling the magnificence of Life, 
while glorifying the significance of the living. 
Take a moment to reperceive, 
and that one moment will change your life - 
transform how you lead to live your life, 
and how you live to lead your life."

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Los Angeles 2014: "This Morning. I Am, I Exist Here In The Some How"

"... while waking up this morning,
I channeled a whole complete poem
about something I experienced in the past,
and it was beautiful,
but I did not write it down.
Yet, here I am, 
in present time, 
being reminded 
that the beauty I feel 
inside me, 
when I smell a flower ,
now, here, immediately ... 
defines me more today
than an event I went through yesterday.

It is amazing 
how I realized 
that carrying memories 
became ... becomes ...
some times ...  some how ...
some thing I define my life with. 
I am not by definition
defined by any experience 
I had or I am having and yet ...
I learned over the last few days 
that I was carrying 
a memory.

As I made peace with my memory ...
a new feeling moved through me ...
accelerating my presence, into more presence.

I re.envisioned my Self.
I Self-realized, I realized that 
for many years I had believed
that a memory did define 
who I am ...
who I was ...
who I was not ...
who I am now.

Yet I know, for sure I know,
that I am nothing, existing here -
here, now in the here and now ...
Here, I am ...
Here, I exist 
Here is existence ...
Here ... I am, 
I am, I exist 
Here some way in the some how.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
In 1993 David Hickey wrote;
“Out of sheer perversity,
I followed beauty where it lead,
into the silence.”

In 1046-256 BC Laozi Li Er 李耳 wrote;
"I have just three things to teach:
simplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures."

Thursday, May 22, 2014

South Seas 1989: "Healing, A Thirst That Parches Human Vanity."

I am moving faster than my theories, 
while lying on my back,
straight up, under a twinkling
diamond-cut star-stained quilt.

The Polynesian cloth
that covers me is not enough.
Combined with the smell of diesel engine,
the cold penetrates inside my skull.
Pressure points in space
behind my eyes define the ache
pushing within the centre of my head.

The sky above me is fleeting
black silhouettes of diving birds,
and the Ocean beneath me is flowing
dark profiles of jumping fish.
I am a shadow
sailing mid-ocean somewhere -
on my way to measuring
the spending of my time
by the distance and number
of island hops in between.

I am growing faster than my theories
by following my dreams -
my growth soaks my wakefulness
with chances I take.
I risk nothing but by allowing,
my new life has new events
and I may find in the unknown,
my own drift.
I may find truth
and so be able to reconcile my past -
all may not be lost adrift in seas of the known.

I am working and living on cargo boats.
Sailing barges of endless blue green canvases.
Oceans wet from wind and wave,
cut my path through pink and white coral.
The reefs are sharp
and I follow their edge with my eyes.
I have an eye for the insane,
my insight is impressionistic -
I alone handcraft my Self-made destinies.

Nightly, I receive my dream’s impressions.
Daily, I act on my visions.
Now, Oceans alive sing me bedtime lullabies.
Ocean Life reminds me of my presence,
and my world, of our worldly, shared ancestry.

The stories Oceans tell,
a sharing evidence,
that We are a Water planet.
Tales transposed onto beaches,
historical scatterings of evolving images -
Skeletons and Shells washing the sands of time.
Our Earthen canvas, the pieces We call countries -
these occasional landmasses which appear
within this fluid world, in occasional places.
We, require good posture,
and a good measured
well meaning sense of Self.

We, planetary population,
the bodies that coexist
by sharing all that is;
We, sound forms of light,
water, earth, air, fire, ether -
We, the cyclical solar shine
and tides of lunar luminance.
Our bodies are planetary bodies.

We, the people who live this once,
a Life self-created, with essential memory of more.
Sharks bite Self-awareness at our border’s edges,
until We become conscious of no need for borders.
Sun beat-upon-beat opens and exposes our hearts,
until We become aware of no need for boundaries.
Wind blows laughter buckling our rigid stance,
until We become illuminated by no need for limitations.
Rain soaks clean our round world’s four corners,
until We become self-recognizable by no desire for war.

When our horizon's crisis cross,
reality’s line meets our hunger for hope -
transforming false hope into real desire to heal.
Acceptance, a vane of emptiness' within each one of us.
Allowance, a vain rediscovered mine within my voice.
Peace, a vitality within all life forms breathing in Life.
Love, a vitamin nurturing our true nature.
Healing, a thirst that parches human vanity.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
In 1923 Kahlil Gibran wrote,
"Sons of my ancient mother,
you riders of the tides,
How often have you sailed in my dreams.
And now you come in my awakening,
which is my deeper dream.
Ready am I to go,
and my eagerness with sails full set awaits the wind.
Only with another breath will I breathe in this air,
only another loving look cast backward,
And then I shall stand among you,
a seafarer among seafarers.
And you, vast sea, sleepless mother,
Who alone are peace and freedom to the river and the stream,
Only another winding will this stream make,
only a murmur in this glade,
And then shall I come to you,
a boundless drop to a boundless ocean.”

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nova Scotia 2012: Knowing Peace Brings Enlightenment To Our World

The wind rattled the windows all night,
crying and shrieking as loud as a new born child.
The local fishermen know 
if you get lost at sea and scream for support,
the wind will drown out the sound of your own voice,
and the sea will silence the call of wild pleas for help.

People in these parts pray for inner strength
to accept the cycles of life
as natural forces of Nature.
Each year the ocean takes lives,
the life of a winter fisherman sailor
is a testament of being at war on the ocean,
while cultivating a sea of peace within.

The last winter storm of the year,
a howling blanket of snow covered the night.
The house hurricane groaned
from the stress of atomic transmutation,
and creaked as it's shape warped.
By morning the weather transformed into veils of rain, 
followed by sleet morphing into ice, then snow.

The elements are harsh only when they need to be.
Forgiveness is easy when you know and understand
that violence as change, ends the dead of Winter,
and rebirths a new awakening, enlightens insights in Spring.

I grew up playing the Creator's game of lacrosse.
We were the only family in the community who played,
so my father would practice with us in private.
On some weekends we would drive to Owen Sound
on the Pottawatomi River at Georgian Bay,
to witness the tribes come together
and play Thunder Bay's lacrosse players,
in an honouring of the sport,
the Creator's game made to teach us life's ethics.

At a gathering, a relative once told me -
"If you shoot a gun into a violent wind -
your bullets will be blown back at you,
and the sound of the blast
will quicken an avalanche
of irreversible change."

Violence in the heart
creates a set of unnatural laws,
which host and promote revenge.

My ancestors caution me,
"You never know what is hibernating
in the wilds of any heart;
Be careful to not wake
that which hunts down life,
with the goal of ending life -
fear of fear seeks revenge,
fear grows resentment,
fear creates retaliation.
Ghosts never die,
they change form and remember -
Ghosts remember what was in the heart of the killer
when the hunted was stricken unaware at death."

Storms rock the steady routine of life, 
to calm an individual's nerves, 
by unveiling the unseen.
Always lying ready and waiting, 
all is churned up from the deeply unconscious.
It is by the hands of one's own nature, 
that an individual is stoned into deadly sleep,
rocketed in the cradle of uncivilized dormancy.

A friend once shared with me the writing of Ohiyesa.
The story of an elder Chief of some unforgotten tribe,
who advised the men before going on a hunting trip -
"Let neither cold, hunger, nor pain,
nor fear of them,
neither the bristling teeth of danger,
nor the very jaws of death itself,
prevent you from doing a good deed."

The purest and simplest concept of courage,
possesses a world of difference in truth,
between an individual's ethical behaviour which honours,
and a society which invests in fear to protect it's Self
from the fear of fear.

When groups of people honour fear,
by taking up arms with the intent to kill due to it,
they are not protecting themselves from harm from it,
but are actually acting out that they are scared to death of it.

Fear and all that comes from facing fear is awarded
by facing life with the courage of a peaceful warrior.
Not facing fear causes a chain reaction of denigration -
a series of aggressive acts to confront life with vengeful spirit
often result in increased anger ignited by fear of fear.

Eventually a society which chooses fear,
ends up afraid of it's Self.
The expenditure of protecting
it's Self from it's citizens
results in escalating the costs
of dangerous choices of it's own making.

Over the decades I have spoken with child soldiers -
children who were raised with violence,
schooled in guns, educated in warcraft -
taught that it was their duty to protect
and serve the insanely sane
from the insanity of the insane.

These children often spend time
trying to unwind and unravel
the dead from their nervous system -
find clues to solve the mystery
of how the violence all began.

What happened to turn schools into warzones,
and children into armed-to-the-teeth soldiers?

When did guns become toys,
and games become war zones?
When did toys become guns,
and war zones become games?

How can adults believe
that violent games make great babysitters,
because they distract the child
from getting into trouble?

Of the child soldiers I have met,
many of the child soldiers often wondered,
"Why weapons are even created,
and who in the world
creates deadly weapons for a living?"

The children ask,
"Why are guns ever given to youth, by their Elders?"
"Why are children taught adult beliefs, such as -
the necessity of violence to meet violence,
and that killing is justifiable might
that sometimes is correct and a right."

One ex-child soldier I spoke with,
asked me to share his feelings.
He believed that, if only his school
had spent time teaching peace -
then children would graduate
as adults who do not choose war
as a career, or battle
as a way to resolve conflict.

These children asked me
if there was such a thing as a school,
that teaches conflict resolution
through first choosing, then teaching, peace.

These babes with no toys in gun land,
are asked to play with the gift of life. 
The adults who teach the children how to use guns,
teach that weapons of mass destruction are fun.
They teach that it is entertaining
to be face to face with your own power,
by causing another life to tremble with fear,
to denigrate others into feeling powerless against you -
forcing someones to be against you.

One person's fun is another person's torture.

Most the children I have met
who are asked to live with guns,
taught how to use guns,
and learn to take away the lives of others -
most of these children express,
they would like to erase
the existence of fear off our planet ...
as easy as chalk is removed
from a blackboard.
With one stroke.
children usually choose peace over war.

The child soldiers say,
that making sense of an adult's fear,
trying to understand adults full of fear,
results in adopting a fearful view of our planet.
Being fearful is not a fun game,
nor a sustainable long term winning tactic.
Children would rather invest
in creating hope of peace,
than engage in sustaining
the certainty of war.

Arming themselves to protect peace, 
by daily being prepared to go to war,
makes absolutely no sense to a child's heart.
Nor is it the job of the youth to protect
their parents from grief, harm and hurt
when life assaults the adults with feelings -
More feelings than the adults can handle,
forcing them to emotionally grow up,
mature beyond their own imagination.

Causes and effects,
creation and transformation -
the adult and the child both benefit
from an abundance of compassion,
infinite human kindness,
and the riches in generosity of spirit.

Every one of us deepens
our personal experience of life,
by witnessing death
then praying for peace -
and asking for compassion
to be gifted to our Self,
so inner strength is found
and inner courage is cultivated.
To forgive is to be free
of the grief that builds walls within us.

Lack of balance is created
when energy is depleted from the heart.

When the head fights the heart,
the heart will push to rule the head -
the heart wants to lead a life in balance.
Mind leads a peaceful coalition with what matters.
'Mind over matter' simple means 'love creates harmony'.

The heart is resolved to live in homeostasis,
to thrive by creating harmony with all the elements.
Heart creates balanced experiences
that regenerate and rejuvenate the healing flow
of any constrictions and resistances to peace.
The natural state of being in existence is balance,
even balance during unnatural states and times of war within.

The heart secures wholeness
by creating peace within.
The heart holds memories of peace,
and thrives in peaceful co-existence,
cooperation with other lives in existence.

Society, as a body of life
reflects the health of our world.
Society benefits most
from compassionate evolution.
During times of ethical stress,
courageous strain, and moral decay -
empathy brings the wellness of peace
to the whole of all in society.

What no longer works, eternally,
historically, has never worked -
is the unnatural act
of gifting guns to children.

Arming schools with a curriculum of fear,
by teaching that it is natural to 'wage war',
really just results in teaching
our children to be naturally afraid.

Is it natural to be afraid,
and then to act out our fear
by taking up arms
to kill what we are afraid of?

Deepening our fears feeds the unnatural laws.
In Nature it is unnatural to take revenge,
to resent and then retaliate
in order to dominate
with a plan to exterminate.

The unnatural act of gifting guns
to children and teachers,
builds a society in fear,
teaching fear,
learning to be fear-full.

When did peace become the dream less dreamt of,
and war become the vision of a safe way forward?
Which truthfully evolves our children's imagination?

Peace known brings enlightenment to our world.
It is an unnatural act to gift guns to our children,
and teach the might of war wins over the wisdom of peace.
Knowing peace brings enlightenment to our world

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime after 1939 Margaret Atwood said or wrote;
"War is what happens when language fails."

Sometime after 1922 Kurt Vonnegut spoke and wrote;
"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard.
 Do not let pain make you hate.
 Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.
 Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree,
 you still believe it to be a beautiful place."

 In Star Wars, Yoda said;
“Fear is the path to the dark side.
Fear leads to anger.
Anger leads to hate.
Hate leads to suffering.
Remember, a Jedi's strength flows from the Force.
But beware.
Anger, fear, aggression.
The dark side are they. 
Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny."

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ᑲᓇᑕ Canada 2013: Idle No More, When Their Leader is Idle The People Are Active

Inner peace is an individual journey,
which can be supported by others 
through listening to understand, 
each individual's unique personal point of view.

Each one of us is designed to be uniquely whole. 
Respecting life is respecting each one individual's
human right to communicate their feelings.

Creation gifted humans ability, right, and freedom of speech.
No human can prevent a gift from reaching it's audience.

It does not matter who the person is,
what they have done, 
what they have not done, 
what they have yet to do.

What matters is when a person asks to be heard,
that a stage is erected, 
and a light shone upon them,
so that they feel comforted 
by their rights, to be human, being fulfilled.

To be seen and heard as a human being,
is a human right which any one of us desires.
Every one of us grows,
from experiencing and knowing,
that I count, I matter and I am respected.

Being respected is simple and simply created,
just gather around to respectfully listen.
Give attention, give audience and cheer
a human's right to receive the gift of communication.

Communication is within each one of us to give,
as a unique personal contribution, 
to safeguard the evolution of betterment, 
to grow together the wisdom in our society of humans being.

It is not the speaker who is idle,
but the listener who idles in their duty to hear.
The listener idles in being present,
present to give through fulfilling their role as a listener,
present to receive through their role as a participant in society.

We all idle when we are not present to serve,
or receive the gift of shared human expression.
Each one of us idles
when we ignore the gifts we are given,
to explore our feelings together -
and to sculpt our world view
individually and ensemble.

It is simple to be a light
unto others through listening,
and when asked to take the hand 
of the speaker during their dark hours,
it is easy to embrace them, befriend them,
and value their life as you would value your own.

It is easy to treat the speaker
like you would want to be treated yourself,
with kindness, consideration, and validation.

It requires effort to devalue our human resources,
ignore them, exploit them, bring them into lifeless idleness.

It is easy to take up the rhythm
from the hand of those who tire from beating the drum,
and it is simple to take up singing,
until one for all, and all as one
hear the vocables sounding peace.

We the guardians of our conscious expression,
We stand on guard against idleness,
We stand on guard for each other,
We stand on guard against cries in the dark,
We stand as guardians of love for life within each child,
We stand as guardians for Nature who has no human voice,
We stand on guard for thee, our citizens of inter tribal nations,
We the guardians of our planet,
We who are the honour guard of our habitat for our humanity.

We are not idle,
We are the worldly communicators,
We are the listeners that we have been waiting for -
We have arrived,
We have been born into a time of mass communication.

We do not need anyone's permission
to speak or be heard -
We elect the officers of the people
to represent and serve the people,
in the world wide web of conscious choice
and unconscious sub-band submissive coding -
We chose to lead, We chose to follow our own lead.

We, who believe We are capable of peaceful coexistence,
stand on guard for peace, We are the guardians of peace.

We stand behind those who raise their voice,
We stand behind them to lend them our strength.
Society protects and honours it's voice, 
the voice of a child, leader, follower and creator.

After all, We all lead our own life,
so We are all our own leaders -
We are all leaders of our own dominion.

One of the difficult tasks of being human,
is to insist on being heard,
climb onto the stage,
be in the spotlight,
and be wise beyond our collective experience -
then be wise above your own experience gained,
and be wise to earn more experience as an individual human being. 

So far, on this collective journey,
We have been gifted the right to thrive -
We have all been born
to ride this giant ball of energy
We call planet Earth.
Ride the planet each day, each night,
together, move, through Space, into more, now.

We are hurled at high velocity speeds through space -
Humanity would experience a rough ride,
if when our time comes to lead,
We did not share the light, stage and hour
with compassion, simplicity and peace.

Peace begins at home
in each individual heart,
in each individual house ...
in each parliamentary house ...
in each chamber of commerce ...
in each home without a warm hearth ...
in each body with a cold heart ...
in each school that civilizes by teaching us forgiveness.

We Self-liberate when We learn reconciliation,
by forgiving our leaders, teachers, preachers -
forgive and forget those who preach a war on peace.

Forgive individuals
who choose to make war not love,
and forgive those
who encourage others to commit unloving acts -
excite waging unforgiving acts of verbal terrorization,
on those who seek peace, reconciliation and progress.

One of the idle acts of a publicly elected official
is to ignore by giving silent treatment to their public.
We, the people give trust to leaders to lead
and to excel in protecting by serving
the collective rights of all of humanity. 

The idle are those who do not lend a helping hand -
when asked, they turn-away eyes-diverted
from the insights gained from the gaze of truth.

I do not believe humans are idle,
even when sitting still,
We are an individual meditation on life -
a work of art, a portrait of humanity,
a reflection of all that is ...
in all it's idle calm and noisy gatherings.

Leading your own individual life,
and to lead other human beings,
is an honour and a recognition - 
awarded because you promised to listen,
to connect, to talk, to communicate and to feel.

If a leader does not answer to the call of the people, 
then the leader is idle and the people are active.

When their leader is idle, 
then the people have the right to take action.

When their leader is idle the people are active,
if the people lead then the leader's will, will follow.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime after 1972 Anabel Hernández wrote or said;
"Living in silence is not living,
in any corner of the planet.
Living and remaining silent
about how the corrupt,
crime and impunity continue
to take ahold of my country
is also to die.
Without freedom of expression,
justice and democracy are not possible."

Sometime after 1935 Tenzin Gyatso,
the 14th Dalai Lama,
holder of the Nobel Peace Prize
and Congressional Gold Medal of Honor, said:
"We have to think and see
how we can fundamentally change our education system, 
so that we can train people to develop warm-heartedness 
early on in order to create a healthier society. 
I don’t mean we need to change the whole system, 
just improve it. 
We need to encourage an understanding 
that inner peace comes 
from relying on human values 
like, love, compassion, tolerance and honesty, 
and that peace in the world
relies on individuals finding inner peace."

Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley suggested the term 'Dominion' for Canada,
as inspired by Psalm 72 from the King James Bible:
"The Creator shall have dominion also from sea to sea,
and from the river unto the ends of the Earth."
As a Dominion, the people who live in the community of Canada,
serve all that is created by all that creates.
The word "Dominion" is a reminder to humans
that we do not rule, we receive -
we are gifted a Life to care for Life.
There is Life on planet Earth,
which lives longer than any human Life,
and feels the impact of any generation of Life,
singular Life that Humans procreate
to live on Earth as the next generation inheritors.
The term "Dominion" is also echoed
in the Dominion of Canada's motto:
"A Mari Usque Ad Mare"
Latin meaning in English,
The Creator's dominion "from sea to sea".