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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Silicon Valley, Sri Lanka, China 1997: Be Wrong Then Anything Is Possible

I am having dinner with my friends from all over the world.
I am introducing them to each other 
and to my favorite Chinese restaurant in Silicon Valley.
We all arrived here in this valley of silicon 
from oceans, mountains, desert and city cultures.
We have in common 
an appetite for conversation about our shared planet -
our world of eco-systems and eco-logical events.
Our attention turns to talking 
about last year's bombing of the Asian Central Bank of Ceylon, 
and the World Trade Center twin towers 
in the Sri Lankan city of Colombo.

Colombo's twin towers have been hit twice by terror -
this latest bombing physically hurt 

one thousand, four hundred and ninety-one people,
and at the same time injured the whole world 
through invisible seismic waves of grief striking shocks.
On the mental plane of existence 
this outwardly expressed rage is logically planned, 
with a view to cripple the Asian and world economy.
A series of outrages exploded as attacks on strategic financial districts.
In the last couple of years bombings of bus, train, building and villages
have skyrocketed sudden mass hurt into people's lives.

Falling deep into silence 
we focus on the menus in front of us,
and collectively decide to order the hottest, spiciest meal possible -
spicy foods expel toxins, increase the flow of Chi, 
and boost health within the human immune system.
There is an ancient Chinese saying 
that the lungs are the masters of life's vital forces 
and strongly benefit from eating spices -
certain blockages of the head will pass more quickly 
if you eat onion, pepper, ginger and garlic.
Given the planetary increase of people hurting people, 
we feel the least we can do is act responsibly 
and eat healthy to clear our own mental and emotional obstacles.

Above the lungs is the throat, 
and below the lungs are the heart and liver.
Lungs are in charge of inhalation and exhalation, the eon flux 
of the immortal and mortal coming ins and going outs of our existence.
When in proper working condition 
heavenly forces descend waste downward,
so we do not wallow within our own toxins.
Spirit descends, from our upper body, into our lower body 
creating movement so the human spirit is freed
and does not become encased in it's own waste ...
trapping our Selves in a body of our own excesses ...
our own excess built up pent up mental and emotional hells.

All history is recorded somewhere, on some wall,
be it bathroom, elevator, street or prison.
Movements are captured on video surveillance cameras, 
then perceived by some voyager’s eyes and interpreted with some imagination.
Whether on computers, paper or stone the history of life is captured 
within the sounds of writing or reading the written word.
Voices record musical histories singing out, chanting instrumental stories 
told as human passages to be passed on from generation to generation.

Human hands have also forever painted, carved, sculpted 
and shaped stories alive eternally inside of caves, churches, teepees, 
temples, huts, phone booths, museums and mosques.
We all collectively experience the provisions of prosperous times 
and the privations of poverty stricken times -
all is recorded and archived
so how is it that humanity sometimes forgets their past?
How do we constantly manage to repeat the pain
of our past history in the present,
over and over again it seems.

From the restaurant menu we order noodles in a sauce so fiery 
it rivals the heat of our conversation.
I suggest bitter foods, 
to clear any stagnation in our hearts, 
activated by the hot topics under discussion.
Restless dream filled sleep, 
feeling psycho logically emotional 
are symptoms of a overheated heart -
eating bitter fruits and vegetables will calm 
and restore peace to the heart, mind and body.
Every part of the human body is interrelated, 
our five senses monitor imbalances 
to evidently predict our future dis-ease .
Our senses communicate to us 
when recurrence of a specific discomfort occurs -
pointing out the obvious 
so we can act to first locate the root of the disease, 
then from there treat it.

In Silicon Valley technology is being reinvented on a global level.
The population of workers is international.
We are constantly considering how to define the effects of globalization.
We choose to channel our energies into simultaneous evolutionary development ...
of all people, in all places, all growing together 
all committed to increasing health and well being in everyone, everywhere.
After all, the root meaning of the word "globalization" 
is "freedom and ease of global relationships, worldly liaisons of nations".
Freedom is the evolutionary right of individuals to heal their own bodies 
in stillness and peace, motion and business ...
heal the governing forces within our systems emotional, mental, physical ...
heal the politics of material and spiritual planes of existence ...
prehistorically, the business of Labyrinthula meiosis and mitotic astral rays in genesis.

My friend's eyes are watering and his mouth is burning, 
but he exclaims that there is nothing wrong, he is feeling comfortable.
Between tears he says;
"We all may not hold, in the same way,
our chopsticks, spoons, knives and forks ...
and we all may not embrace in the same way
identical beliefs ...
or make the same sounds come out of our mouths, 
with the same meanings at the same time ...
but we all grasp the same challenge 
to create peace within ourself, 
wage the war within with our own internal fire."

As a computer programmer and computer language code writer,
on a daily basis our friend fights with defining 
and demarcating our delimitative human boundaries.
Daily he searches our planetary and other worldly sense,
he searches our galactic extent, and life's definitions, 
he seeks understanding our eternity 
through enlightening himself by learning and attempting to illuminate 
our sensual based codes, symbols, images, words, text and languages.

He lives in a world constructed from his mental points of view,
his heart has not been given enough energy over the years to fully flourish.
Recovered now, cooled down from his temporary over heated state of passion,
he continues;
"We all have vocabulary in our own languages that express unity,
delineate cooperation, understanding and speak support in mass and numbers."

I pass my friend a napkin so he can wipe his tear full eyes,
and I pour him some more tea to soothe his burning soul.
He continues expressing himself after the fire in his belly is satiated,
but then asks;
"Is it wrong to be committed to being right?"

We are silent, stilled within each of our own internal intensity.

The waiter brings us some fresh hot tea,
and with all politeness continues his serving ritual.

My friend breaks our silence by asking us if we believe opinions are provable?
If based on knowledge and experience that is provable,
can opinions or beliefs actually be proved right, or wrong?

If life experience can be proved to be right, or wrong -
then is it better to be right, or wrong?

Before any of us have wrapped our minds around the duality of this question,
our waiter begins to answer these questions 
in utmost certainty.
The waiter is an elder, a peasant from the Chinese countryside, 
a valley whose geology most certainly must be composed partially of silicon.
He worked his whole life to be able to immigrate to California.
Here, now, today he stands on his own two feet proudly before us -
as his own man, independent, 
pouring out the benefit of his life experience to us.
Encased within the dignity of his self assurance, 
patient and steady at the side of our table,
he answers our friend's eternal questions;
"It is better to be wrong than right,
because if you are wrong then you have learned something."

The elder waits on us, refills our teacups

then kindly and patiently guides us through suggestion,
"By practicing consideration,
the consideration of the probability of being wrong,
your world is opened up to any and all kind of potential.
Practice the art of consideration,

consider being wrong, then any possibility can be considered,
consider being wrong, then consider anything is possible."

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime after 1485 Veronica Gambara wrote;
“War is waged so fiercely that reason swiftly takes her leave.”