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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Melbourne 2000: We Are Vital Formations Supporting Our Landscape

Bird souls like human souls traverse the world -
travel and argue with their divine guides,
about a bird’s understanding of the world.

A bird’s eye view of what at first, seems obscure -
with attention, and neutral perception, becomes clear.

Birds use distance to gain a higher perspective.

Birds conference together to advise and discuss
what is in the process of being accomplished
by life on this world.

The birds pass their time in fellowship,
unity in sky and on ground,
created whether flying high,
or perched on high wire,
gathered en masse
from above sitting in witness
of us all awake and asleep.

I read;
old distinctions are losing meaning.

Peacetime and wartime,
friend and enemy,
my group, their group -
loses significance because we know
all countries are responsible
for all children sharing our one planet.
No single child is less important
than any other child -
child are equal creations of life,
and equal representations of love.

Most people know the planet is round,
so there are no sides to take,
just spheres of influence,
with circles of stories
created, told, heard and experienced,

Even if people do not know
right from wrong,
people know
love from hate
and peace from war -
people know
when they are afraid -
fear stops their heart
and takes the breath away -
fear slows the pulse within some,
and hastens death within others.

Fear skips beats,
eventually to resume pace
with heart’s rhythm,
and during its mean time
fear releases from heart’s pores
a noticeable sweat -
that seeps to the surface of the skin,
and primordially puddles and pools.

I remember
the elder woman of Hiroshima,
then I wonder –
is she played sports when young.
I remember seeing
when I looked in her eyes
the girl on the playing field
coming up fast to the end of her game -
driving herself forward,
tightly clutching her positive thoughts,
witnessing her mind perspiring dry wants -
intentions and desires
expiring from prolonged unsatiated needs.

As this lady aged,
she realized
that the actions we take
are insignificant
if our feelings
are not unified
with our words and deeds –
The Law of Attraction made whole;
that which is like unto itself is drawn into being;
requiring deliberate intending, allowing and receiving.

The physical experience
of receiving the abundance
of her life lived,
shined in her eyes
as if magnified
by the thick lens of time
polished into a treasure
by being held close,
fulfilled and embraced,
through loving life
into being
worth the while
to live it.

Adaptive optics
and biophotonic ranges
of being here, now, present -
perhaps our very presence
is laser encoded
and prerecorded
on our personal
biological compact disks
turnstyling on our chakratic turntable.

Diffractions of illuminated archives,
memories vibrantly alive -
living light, still, yet traveling,
enshrined in infinitely granular detail -
broad spectrums spinning
and supporting antibodies
holographically imaged,
imagined into form,
DNA enlightened
with the aid of coherence.

Our systems nervous
with nanopatterning biocatalytical silica,
innate self-created substances
that initiate the rate of reaction
in a living body -
biochemical catalysts
physically forming
ether and water
cured in light
and enshrined in nanospheres -
atmospheric envelopes
surrounding celestial bodies,
retaining holding patterns
by gravity of the situation
or dominant emotional environment.

Our silane lives,
cyclic crystalline structures
in highly reactive
closed conjugated systems -
containing tetravalent silicon
instead of carbon,
humanity ancestoring
worlds into being,
spheres forming
continuous lines of silica
along the valleys of holograms -
our projected illusions
mixed with our day dreams
and nightmares.

the more shared the greater the bond,
the more chaotic space
between Souls, their core and their source
the weaker the bonding
between them,
and the weaker the bond.

Silver and gold cords
attaching our Soul, our breath, our body -
electrical currents
which produce magnetic fields
which can be visualized
as patterns of circular field lines
surrounding all creation.
When we move
we generate lightening -
we set off a chain reaction
via our intention and desire
to direct the way
in which
our all and everything
with and within
the fundamental beings
of all things,
with and within
the spirit,
with and within
the fundamental beings,
with and within
all things.

I remember
another girlfriend,
a Mixtec elder of Mexico,
praying to her God
and speaking
to where the echo is,
eyes cast towards her heaven
in the slopes
where trust grows
so high
you lose your airs,
become breathless,
and hope
to clear your heart
by evaporating
your mind into mindlessness.

The last time I saw
my Mixtec friend
she was asking for help
from the Lord of the Holy Mountain,
to bless those
who live on the surface of all things,
bless them all –
bless these surface dwellers
who are slowly remembering
who they are -
we are alive representatives
of what can potentially be manifest into being -
the consciousness of universality
endeavoring to live up
to our nobility
of remarkable
diverse within our unity -
we are the vital formations
environmentally supporting our landscape.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
In 2001 David D. Nolte wrote,
“These questions are raised on our journey
from hieroglyphics,
one of the first optical languages
invented at the dawn of civilization,
to the holographic quantum computers of the new century.
Plug in your eyes.”