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Monday, October 4, 2010

Yucatan 1986: Integrated Power Produces Certainty

I think I am dreaming
when I see a face of a woman,
trapped in the ruins
of a temple
overlooking the ocean.

I see this woman
imagine her future
and then let go
of her grasp on time.

Her next choices are cleared,
reduced into an incremental moment.
Her results are a grounded
accessible next step in time.

I touch the crumbling stone ledge,
the angelic-fallings
resting on this window sill,
still here,
as a life-force-surge
imprinted by sorrow.

The woman’s essence remains
from once upon a time long before now. 

Confined and ghostly-hand
left for me to feel
and fold into my presence –
this woman has surpassed time
and its boundaries.

The woman’s emotions
enter and overwhelm me –
I feel her.
I feel her fear
that her soul is falling,
over a cliff edge
to be frenzied
and churned
by the milky-white waves
crashing below.

People here
tell me stories of a Goddess,
who lived in this sacred temple,
but was eventually imprisoned -
and since death
she now guards
these templed grounds.

She found absolution in isolation,
isolation in birth
and isolation in death.

Memory is a force
that goes beyond this incarnation.

Without knowing why,
I am transported back in time
to the moment my consciousness
entered my bodied fertilized egg.
I tap into the courage
awarded me at that moment
I chose birth canal exit
into the expanded community of consciousness.

Memory it is not a force that need be feared,
it communicates to me,
to recall my personal power –
the individualized original essence of me -
the afterbirth bits of my energy
I unconsciously left behind,
somewhere over the thresholds I crossed,
my energy scattered
back in time, overtime,
embedded within
the various life experiences,
of me.

My body infinitely can reflect
my sum, total, all, of my experience -
my Souls' eternity re-membered.
Empowered and strengthened,
I am carried to the ledge of my own intentions -
the precipice of my insanity.
I do not yet comprehend my decisions,
but I am required to face my fear
of my unknown choices.
The past I do not as yet fully re-member,
the future I do not as yet fully envision,
and the present I do until now fully embody.

I let go not knowing
what my results will surrender me to.

Perhaps this Mayan woman,
whose spirit has long since passed from this planet,
intentionally left behind
the heart-prints of her Soul to teach -
anyone who can sense her,
how to re-member,
how to use intention to desire
replenishment of passion for life,
and to integrate this power
into being fully presence now.

Since re-membering
all my experiences
from birth into present time
I feel less like a concept,
and more grounded
in the reality
of my own existence.

I feel
less scattered,
and overshadowed -
I feel
the daily experience
of waking up
the daily reincarnation
again and again
into my body more fully.

Each event
surrounding my past, present and future -
now has cleared -
been lifted from my body,
raised my felt experiences in my body,
into a calibrated reprogramming of my sensations -
my integrated power her in my now,
now produces certainty -
certainty that I am,
certainty that being still creates knowingness
of That,
and of That,
that I am here.

 ~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime around the year 600 BC, Sappho wrote;
“You may forget
but let me tell you this:
someone in some future time
will think of us…
Although they are only breath,
 words … are immortal.”