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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vietnam 1993: Spirit Manifest In The Material World

The darkness smells
are lovely seventy-two percent cocoa
strong, bittersweet, tasty, 
mouth watering experience.

In the water puppet theater in Hanoi
humanity is experienced 
in the vortex of timelessness.

My friends and I watch 
the actors carry themselves
and the wooden puppets 
out of the water.

Soaked from the performance 
their wooden bodies,
cut off at the feet, 
move slow motion 
dripping water 
onto the ground -
forming ancient carved puddles 
of theatrical leftovers.

An artist who has taken a shine to me 
gifts me a drawing of puppets 
grinning multicoloured smiles.

He hands it to me 
declaring his endearing love for me,
by referring to the beauty 
timelessly captured 
in the mirror of my soul.

He urges me to look at myself from his eyes, 
to look at us all now in this moment, 
dripping on the edge of being the future.

He says.

"The trouble with the world today, 
in this period of history,
is that we have problems -
in all realms material and non-material.

People live lives defined by their problems. 

Defined by modernization
which they feel requires denial 
of past lives and traditions.

Do citizens need to denounce 
their existence in all realms,
and deny their potential unification 
with all their bodies of power, 
in the realms of reality
in all worlds."

He explains;

"Some people fulfill themselves 
through living in worlds 
built on material fantasies -
unstructured ideological platforms 
not integrated with past wisdom ...
... so people spin off center, 
spin out of balance, 
spin ungrounded in the present -
persistent spinners 
reflecting only a blurred partial existence 
of a fleeting reality ..."

Humans base life expectancy
on occupying their own space,
leading their own life,
making life real through awareness -
creating a real life through awareness,
being conscious of their own presence.
Self-awareness to create, 
to lead your own life
and be present in it.

These unmanned platforms 

from which people build their lives 
need roots -
a unified system of integrities, 
that will strengthen 
not weaken their senses.

Without well developed Self-definition 
there is no sense of responsibility -
unaccountable humans,
a species rendered un-relatable
unable to interact and commit to anything real.

This undefinable 
finite sensory perception 
results in a psychic limbo -
everyone in their own way, 
making up their own worlds -
an effort to be present,
worlds which lack presence,
but suck up enough power 
to create feelings of powerlessness.

A chaotic partnerless spin, 
a formless dance 
revealing nothing of our truth -
unveiling nothing 
of who we authentically are ...
only projecting illusions 
of who we appear to be -
inauthentic watery representations 
of disparate elements of nature.

Modern citizens 
might appear to future generations 
as antiquated puppets -
propped up and supported by 
the lure of potential reality ...
Self-identity linked 
to material accomplishment.

People dripping 
and dangling 
with material desire, 
which over time 
builds a sense of intention 
without any sense of fulfillment.

A truthful Self-fulfillment 
based on who they are, 
what they are creating, 
and how they want 
their spirit to manifest 
in their physical form ...
powering up Self-leadership ...
of how they want 
their spirit to manifest 
in the material world.

~ Other People's Fingerprints ~
The mother of all spies takes the guns away from the boys by saying;
“Now be careful these guns they are not toys
these are not meant to be handled
without the proper supervision
of an experienced humanitarian.”