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Monday, October 4, 2010

Toronto 1986: The True Meaning of Abundance

To begin with we need inner movement.
The moon accelerates its trip 
around the Spaces between Sun and Earth.
People around me hurry, 

making hectic the city hustle,
creating kinetic unawareness of any majesty 

and The All That surrounds them.
Poverty consciousness secretes the stress, 

the lie that we have no time.

I know life is on my side.

I turn to empty my eyes of the sky's sight.
Returning home, 

I spin around several times 
to modulate my balance -
to change from one key to another 

through a harmonic procession.
My conversion successful, 

now nothing seems out of proportion,
Yet I keep looking over my shoulder 

straining to see through the prism.
The cut crystal window, 

framing the entrance door to my home,
reflects Nothing from the Threshold 

and so blind me with Truth
and creates Trust within me
to support me to see beyond 
the chaotic blur 
in life's decorative pattern.

I hurry to the larger picture window
still not able to distinguish the view,
the what I want to perceive, 

from what the crystal window reflects of me.
I am the reflection, the echo of the seer, 

the Self I have yet to see -
the Self I have yet to be.

The cosmic jokester is juggling oysters, 

playing out a game, 
a timeless act
to pry me open 

to the next stage of my life 
before my pearl is cloistered.

I stare at the photo of my mother, father, sister, brother.
I start to remember I am here today 

due to every member of my extended family.
My physical presence is attending to today's schedule
because each person before me lived their life.
I am from a long line of descendants 

stretching back to the beginning,
when the population of humans on this planet 

were few and far between.

Our ancestors walked the planet, 

sailed in wooden boats and swam to distant shores -
Not for the love of money, 

hunger for more, 
or the love of love for Love's sake ...
but for reasons of sanity, 

not safety nor survival ...
but to safe guard their Souls 

and the Souls of their descendants.
They sought asylum to cure their insanity,
and found shelter within 
the sanctuary 
of exposing their Soul's eternal invulnerability.

I recall we are an ascended family,

who according to ancient world mythology
descended from the celestial intelligence 

of the source of creation.
A chosen moment 
sounded a twirling of cosmic universal divinity,
and introduced primordial seed and egg 
into a marriage merger 
to birth life, and fill humanity with Soul.

I pick up an old school book 

and flip through the exotic pictures and symbols.
An aboriginal First Nations prophecy states;
when Chiron the planet of healing
is discovered in the sky, 
the ancient sacred warrior teachings 
will return to Earth -
and the times as we think we know them
will reshape from the density of It's former shadow 
into a lighter form of play - 
to begin again the world as we knew it ...
start a brand new day of new beginnings -
compose and orchestrate 
another revolution of the Earth with Sun and Moon.

The awakened universal and planetary teachings 

will in turn wake the origins within us.
The further opening our Soul 
to unveil the journey of enlightenment,
reconcile and heal the hurt, 
through traversing the wounds as they unravel,
and reflect to us the Truth of our authentic Nature.

Within our restless stress 

are the keys to reawaken us 
from the collective dream 
that humanity is held together 
by fragile unity.

Our existence, 
buried in antiquity, 
is alive within ourselves 
and within world culture.

And so, 
what can I do except decide to take the journey 
to revive, recollect, and reconnect 
my awareness of my life 
within my own planetary Self.
Awed, in awe with Awe 

I see the light dawning on the true meaning of abundance.

~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~

Sometime after 1861 Rabdranath Tagore wrote;
“Dark formlessness settled over all diversity
Of land and water. As shadow, as particles, my body
Fused with endless night. I came to rest
At the alter of the stars. Alone, amazed, I stared
Upward with hands clasped and said:  Sun, you have removed
Your rays: show now your loveliest, kindest form
That I may see the Person who dwells in me as in you.”