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Monday, October 4, 2010

Yucatan 1986: Crack New Life Into Emerging

I recall my power -
call back all of my power
to me,
so that
all parts of me
become enhanced.

I integrate 
all my experiences. 
I match then with now,
so that I now energetically command 
my function and functioning in present time.

I realize, 
I am, 
a cohesive presence 
of recalibrated experiences 
attuned to my unique
vibration of my soul.

I am certain. 
I am clear.
I descend from this ledge 
to the beach bound surf at cliff’s foot.
I enter the warm support 
and float alive in an azure embrace.

I feel each fresh-wave 
extend-heat brought from mid-ocean, 
where sunlight dwells asleep 
from mid-day meals, 
after spirited talks with the sea.

I ride the buoyant confidence of the waves,
impressions carried to land 
of the watery sun’s mid-heaven glow.

The joy of life holds mystical powers 
of pro-creation and self-fertilization.
Why else would I exit 
from the water-breathing womb, 
into an accelerated growth 
that then pushes me to exit the birthing zone.

My exit in the past so uncomfortable.
My exit in the present so comfort,
so I can connect to my life’s point.
In my new air-breathing growth-zone 
I am gifted
with enough gravity 
to wrestle Self-support 
into my life’s nervous systems.

For weeks I have swam caves 
and hiked jungles 
full of Mayan ruins, 
where the spirits of ancestors 
played games 
training their finite physical bodies 
to become one with their senses ...
to embody the sensitive power of their infinity ...
to bring into spiritual and physical unity 
the sanity of their own Soul's voice journeying.

The Mayan athletes 
upon entering the game 
agreed to the laws of wisdom 
that permeate everything – 
they were educated 
to be conscious of other dimensions -
and to serve time and space, 
in order to protect our thinly veiled truth -
so future generations 
can expand the world 
to contain no lies -
so hidden beauty 
will safely expand its visibility ...
continually ... throughout history.

I float in the Mayan world 
where since creation 
time was born 
before the Sun had a name, 
and the Sky and the Earth 
had yet to meet.
I imagine my creativity is a character, 
in the midst of an awakening -
a personality etched 
in stone, sand, crystal and mineral.

I feel impregnated 
as I build my characteristics inwards, 
to grow outwards.

In my watery shell I form 
a lattice of multi-dimensional atomic patterns –
the instructions of my individualization, 
my conscious Soul repeating over and over –
duplicating it's Self throughout 
my entire crystalline structure ...
until there is no more space
between my atoms -
and I reach the edge of myself.

My physical boundary is contained 
within the raw material of my physical reality.

My spiritual boundary knows no bounds, 
no limits unless Self-imposed.

at the Ocean full of water and light, 
my Self develops
by exposure to the waves breaking ...
then beating
the rocks to scatter creation ...
like eggs pecked broken

to crack new life open into emerging.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometimes after 1968 Lila Downs sang;
“I am the time that is passing,
it is my death, the one going
in the clocks ticking backwards.”