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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ᑲᓇᑕ Canada 2013: Idle No More, When Their Leader is Idle The People Are Active

Inner peace is an individual journey,
which can be supported by others 
through listening to understand, 
each individual's unique personal point of view.

Each one of us is designed to be uniquely whole. 
Respecting life is respecting each one individual's
human right to communicate their feelings.

Creation gifted humans ability, right, and freedom of speech.
No human can prevent a gift from reaching it's audience.

It does not matter who the person is,
what they have done, 
what they have not done, 
what they have yet to do.

What matters is when a person asks to be heard,
that a stage is erected, 
and a light shone upon them,
so that they feel comforted 
by their rights, to be human, being fulfilled.

To be seen and heard as a human being,
is a human right which any one of us desires.
Every one of us grows,
from experiencing and knowing,
that I count, I matter and I am respected.

Being respected is simple and simply created,
just gather around to respectfully listen.
Give attention, give audience and cheer
a human's right to receive the gift of communication.

Communication is within each one of us to give,
as a unique personal contribution, 
to safeguard the evolution of betterment, 
to grow together the wisdom in our society of humans being.

It is not the speaker who is idle,
but the listener who idles in their duty to hear.
The listener idles in being present,
present to give through fulfilling their role as a listener,
present to receive through their role as a participant in society.

We all idle when we are not present to serve,
or receive the gift of shared human expression.
Each one of us idles
when we ignore the gifts we are given,
to explore our feelings together -
and to sculpt our world view
individually and ensemble.

It is simple to be a light
unto others through listening,
and when asked to take the hand 
of the speaker during their dark hours,
it is easy to embrace them, befriend them,
and value their life as you would value your own.

It is easy to treat the speaker
like you would want to be treated yourself,
with kindness, consideration, and validation.

It requires effort to devalue our human resources,
ignore them, exploit them, bring them into lifeless idleness.

It is easy to take up the rhythm
from the hand of those who tire from beating the drum,
and it is simple to take up singing,
until one for all, and all as one
hear the vocables sounding peace.

We the guardians of our conscious expression,
We stand on guard against idleness,
We stand on guard for each other,
We stand on guard against cries in the dark,
We stand as guardians of love for life within each child,
We stand as guardians for Nature who has no human voice,
We stand on guard for thee, our citizens of inter tribal nations,
We the guardians of our planet,
We who are the honour guard of our habitat for our humanity.

We are not idle,
We are the worldly communicators,
We are the listeners that we have been waiting for -
We have arrived,
We have been born into a time of mass communication.

We do not need anyone's permission
to speak or be heard -
We elect the officers of the people
to represent and serve the people,
in the world wide web of conscious choice
and unconscious sub-band submissive coding -
We chose to lead, We chose to follow our own lead.

We, who believe We are capable of peaceful coexistence,
stand on guard for peace, We are the guardians of peace.

We stand behind those who raise their voice,
We stand behind them to lend them our strength.
Society protects and honours it's voice, 
the voice of a child, leader, follower and creator.

After all, We all lead our own life,
so We are all our own leaders -
We are all leaders of our own dominion.

One of the difficult tasks of being human,
is to insist on being heard,
climb onto the stage,
be in the spotlight,
and be wise beyond our collective experience -
then be wise above your own experience gained,
and be wise to earn more experience as an individual human being. 

So far, on this collective journey,
We have been gifted the right to thrive -
We have all been born
to ride this giant ball of energy
We call planet Earth.
Ride the planet each day, each night,
together, move, through Space, into more, now.

We are hurled at high velocity speeds through space -
Humanity would experience a rough ride,
if when our time comes to lead,
We did not share the light, stage and hour
with compassion, simplicity and peace.

Peace begins at home
in each individual heart,
in each individual house ...
in each parliamentary house ...
in each chamber of commerce ...
in each home without a warm hearth ...
in each body with a cold heart ...
in each school that civilizes by teaching us forgiveness.

We Self-liberate when We learn reconciliation,
by forgiving our leaders, teachers, preachers -
forgive and forget those who preach a war on peace.

Forgive individuals
who choose to make war not love,
and forgive those
who encourage others to commit unloving acts -
excite waging unforgiving acts of verbal terrorization,
on those who seek peace, reconciliation and progress.

One of the idle acts of a publicly elected official
is to ignore by giving silent treatment to their public.
We, the people give trust to leaders to lead
and to excel in protecting by serving
the collective rights of all of humanity. 

The idle are those who do not lend a helping hand -
when asked, they turn-away eyes-diverted
from the insights gained from the gaze of truth.

I do not believe humans are idle,
even when sitting still,
We are an individual meditation on life -
a work of art, a portrait of humanity,
a reflection of all that is ...
in all it's idle calm and noisy gatherings.

Leading your own individual life,
and to lead other human beings,
is an honour and a recognition - 
awarded because you promised to listen,
to connect, to talk, to communicate and to feel.

If a leader does not answer to the call of the people, 
then the leader is idle and the people are active.

When their leader is idle, 
then the people have the right to take action.

When their leader is idle the people are active,
if the people lead then the leader's will, will follow.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime after 1972 Anabel Hernández wrote or said;
"Living in silence is not living,
in any corner of the planet.
Living and remaining silent
about how the corrupt,
crime and impunity continue
to take ahold of my country
is also to die.
Without freedom of expression,
justice and democracy are not possible."

Sometime after 1935 Tenzin Gyatso,
the 14th Dalai Lama,
holder of the Nobel Peace Prize
and Congressional Gold Medal of Honor, said:
"We have to think and see
how we can fundamentally change our education system, 
so that we can train people to develop warm-heartedness 
early on in order to create a healthier society. 
I don’t mean we need to change the whole system, 
just improve it. 
We need to encourage an understanding 
that inner peace comes 
from relying on human values 
like, love, compassion, tolerance and honesty, 
and that peace in the world
relies on individuals finding inner peace."

Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley suggested the term 'Dominion' for Canada,
as inspired by Psalm 72 from the King James Bible:
"The Creator shall have dominion also from sea to sea,
and from the river unto the ends of the Earth."
As a Dominion, the people who live in the community of Canada,
serve all that is created by all that creates.
The word "Dominion" is a reminder to humans
that we do not rule, we receive -
we are gifted a Life to care for Life.
There is Life on planet Earth,
which lives longer than any human Life,
and feels the impact of any generation of Life,
singular Life that Humans procreate
to live on Earth as the next generation inheritors.
The term "Dominion" is also echoed
in the Dominion of Canada's motto:
"A Mari Usque Ad Mare"
Latin meaning in English,
The Creator's dominion "from sea to sea".