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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tibet, China 1991: Natural Next Step In Divinity While Living

I once read a story
of a young woman
considered a reincarnation 
of a Tibetan monk.
I remember the description of her life.
In the story she died at age fifteen
while performing the rituals
required for her entrance
to the next stage of her life.

She kept herself sheltered
and unsure of her next steps
so she could unaided and unsupported,
mentally prepare her courage
for her greatest journey of endurance.

In her initiation ritual
she stood still, naked
in a frozen river,
to practice
releasing fear 
from her heart
in order to activate 
her inner power.

A critical state
beyond reality 
emerged within her,
as she became 
rendering her self 
less power full.

She trapped her soul 
in a casket of ice -
faith was needed 
to melt the encasement,
as it was only water 
that had become less fluid
when made more solid 
from her fear.

Water is a denser form of light,
a boundary to cross over
which holds more life 
to physically experience.
She knew to create a lighter body,
absent of fear and judgment,
she must illuminate and bath her self in light -
in radiance of infinite love, trust and acceptance.

Yet she denied herself ascension 
through the nonpermanent boundaries of physicality,
by mentally limiting her imagination 
to live contained within her vessel.
Her self imposed spiritual geography
had borders
prohibiting from growth
the expansion of her true nature -
her natural next step in divinity
while living in a physical body.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
An ancient Chinese proverb imparts,
“Be not afraid of growing slowly,
be afraid only of standing still.”