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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nova Scotia 2001: Multiverses Vibrating and Singing Manifest Our Blessings Into Focus

Most of what we swallow does us no good at all
unless during the digestion
we are consciously creating our process.

I am making fish tacos and vegetarian chili
for my brother and parents,
while high in the sky
a hurricane builds up outside,
above the rainfall.
Below the rainfall,
in the downpour,
I stir the chili faster and faster,
then slow down
easing into gentle.

Intensity is the whirl in the pool,
the strong current that directs,
and steers the river’s life force
to flow towards its destiny.

Intensity drives the river,
transforming rage and depression
into crystalline waterfalls
cascading surrender to unknown depths.

My eyes are watering
from chopped onions
and the radio broadcast from Afghanistan -
as I stare into the chili
a warm tear falls
diluting the heat
of the tomato, spice and honey.

Intensity is the well from which the water is drawn to quench mediocrity.
Intensity transforms lack of imagination into a surplus of inspiration.

Intensity transmutes into rainbows
colored multi-faceted, multi-dimensional
silken veils of arched light
performing shimmering transparent flexibility.

Intensity is the desire to feel,
respect and value everyone’s tears
and cries in the dark -
and cries in the light.

Intensity is the intension to be alive,
laugh in the light
and embrace change
within the darkness of our hearts.

I add another pinch of dark brown chocolate cocoa,
the color adds richness to the body of this broth.
With my tongue I taste the chocolate honey chili
feeling the strength of integrated spice.

Intensity nurtures our cells to grow strong
so every night we travel in our dreams
to places our soul knows and recognizes -
places where all of humanity receives blessings,
and all of humanity's prayers are answered.

Some individuals pray for death, revenge and remorse,
while others pray for life, love and freedom born in forgiveness.
Each individual prayer balances out the collective whole,
desire, want and need for more than what is seen and heard.
Each individuals lives out what they pray for,
if they pray for revenge they live out revenge,
if they pray for love they live out love.

Intensity teaches us to dream our own dreams,
so each night we sleep with our own dreams,
so each day we wake with our own dreams,
and live our dreams in order to grow stronger,
and closer to our own individual soul.

My whole pot is full of a diversity of chili beans,
with some varieties sized, shaped and colored,
different from the rest, each one unique.
To take my spoon and try to search out
that one bean I see and seek as harmfully different,
is like trying to find needles of hay straws
within stacks of hay in fields growing hay.
Seeking one fish in the sea, one bird in the sky,
or one separate criminal in a whole country -
is a mission seeking vision,
whose vision is seeking purpose.
I decide to not destroy the whole pot of chili
in my attempt to find only one bean.

Intensity dances through our nervous system
informing circulation to ignite our ambition,
and desire to create intention and action.

Intensity is legacy in motion,
from first breath each moment is breathed into creation,
until our final breath fills eternity
with the impression of all our creations.

Intensity is the poetry of inspiration,
our humanity’s motion, smell and taste
whispered in our ear as fate,
and faith in the heat of how
some seek to touch community through connection
and intimacy in wanting to be heroically embraced.

Intensity is riches fulfilled
by the wisdom of loving communication,
listening and glancing into multiverses
vibrating and singing manifest
our blessings into focus.

~~ Other people's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime after 1856 Booker Taliaferro Washington said,
“I will permit no man
to narrow and degrade my soul
by making me hate him...”