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Friday, June 1, 2012

Toronto 1987: Clarity Integrates My Everything, Into My Everyday Body of Reality

Immobility glues my feet down cold.
Frozen to the sidewalk during the radiant heights of Winter,
I see time separate out my thoughts from my feelings –
like an egg yolk from its whites,
the whites drop onto the street
pulling my confused emotions,
to bed, there with them.

I lose my sensitivity,
I become a witness to my own life.
As if in a dream I watch the agents of willpower aggress time
to accelerate my self-determination, my direction.
I watch the engineers of nature
interweave all my natural forces together.

What is happening I do not know,
I was simply walking down the street,
shopping at the Saint Lawrence Farmer's Market.
Last night I simply held my fingertip under a dripping tap
until my fingerprint washed away.
Today I simply stand holding my head between my hands ...
as my frozen bubble of sorrow bursts.
Pain has lived full-time above my head ...
it seems to have always cast
a false sense of confidence onto my life.

A passing streetcar accelerates
running over my sorrow’s spilled seductions.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police ride-by
policing the violence of my icy stance.
Their prancing-ways horse-trample away
hooves full of my frozen egg white solid sentiment.
The bursting of my bubble,
un-harnesses sentiments of yesterday,
that unbridle my today free.

These transparent shadows of containment gone,
I cease my inner war,
I surrender to Self-liberation,
I change my attitude and relax
in this seasonal change –
somehow I know timelessness of constancy, transforms.

Time arrests me to the sidewalk,
while gravity suspends my life’s seasonal spell of chills.

Time bonds my choices to my results
like maple syrup sticks to snow in Winter.

I have never experienced anything like this before.
I feel my soul resonate my inner source,
somehow my awareness of myself has grown.

Inside me
I feel
my feminine and masculine energies intercourse,
unite to clear my way.
These forces activate,
move my mind to act,
build my foundation of purpose –
create a life
away from the reactive struggles
that do not define me.

My hands and feet tingle
as they unblock,
my legs twitch,
my spine reconfigures –
as my heart aligns my truth
with my voice, sight, sound, reason, and actions.
I watch my bio-electromagnetic matrix embroider
these speed of light changes.

This harmonic convergence
serenades my soul
and charges it to evolve;
it emanates an aura
instructing my Self
to not be defined by my experiences.
The all of me emerges,
merges with the biosphere,
I become light;
a thin membrane of life
extending multi-directionally
covering the entire crust of Earth.

Instability shivers
the central nervous system of my global brain –
the vast distance gaps
in incarnate realities,
the voids between souls,
are closing.

The Earth’s mental field locks,
so brain can link
and speak directly to brain.
I shift into accessibility,
energize, awaken
and consciously activate my cells into balance.
This operatic moment sings heavy
as everything unifies
to design and radiate my dreams.

This moment is the addition of moments,
the culminating whole
of my sum total
of my existence.
My I am presence is integrating my within
with my without,
interior and exterior are one,
no longer separate parts of a greater whole.
I awaken to my possibility of more,
my more potential creating my more possibility.
my senses intuitively integrate
my everything into my everyday body of reality.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime before 347 BC Plato wrote,
“...perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens
for one who desires to see it,
and having seen it,
to find himself.”