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Friday, November 5, 2010

Brazil 2000: Abundance In Every Breath We Take, Every Step We Make

I am hanging out with an Elder
in Fortaleza, Ceara, in northeastern Brazil.
He learned English from American soldiers 
stationed here during the Second World War.
He remembers those warring hateful times 
through the fun loving eyes of a child.

Children embrace change, 
no matter what form, 
and no matter when 
transformation takes place.
Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, African 
and Syrian-Lebanese arrived on these Brazilian shores.

The enslaved were emancipated in 1884, 
followed a movement called 'The Spiritual Bakery' -
a cultural empowerment of literary expression,
which danced to gyrating rhythms of Axe music.

The Elder gentleman, and I, swing
side-by-side in two hammocks,
while he whispers truisms 
extracted from his life's true events.

He has lived more than eighty cycles of seasoned
Springs, Summers, Autumns and Winters.
Now he is teaching him Self to increase, 
and raise the value of all his life experiences. 
He decided to Self-empower 
by boiling his life events 
down into their natural essence,
reduce and remove the distractions 
to extract his personal gems of insight.

His eternal pearls of wisdom 
belong solely to him, 
and are the essence of his life lived and loved.

He has always loved, been loved, and given love.
He has chosen love not to conquer all, but to embrace his all.

The road his life has taken 
when judged love-less was shapeless,
so his journey has always been 
to breath into the painful contractions -
to release himself, release more Soul
to expand and move, with loving kindness.

Deciding to not judge the form experience takes, is a choice -
a decision, to accept life’s essential ease, flow, 
and infinite innate intimate love.

We watch the Moon rise out of the ocean, 
while large White beach Owls fly at it, 
trying to peck out and carve a few more craters in it.

We contemplate the Moon, 
Earth’s natural satellite, 
and the lunacy of it's cycles.

We chat about my recent purchase, 
a handful of exquisite,
woven and embroidered,
orange and purple lace - 
pieced together by local Elders,
women with arthritic knuckles, 
and fingers too thick to straighten.

Crafting with painstaking precision,
these women take great pains to produce great art.
Using only their hands,
full, and fully grasping, 
they understand their own perfection -
they articulate their ingenious inheritance. 
Their indigenous ancestors
possessed an abundance 
of heightened finger dexterity.
These Indigenous women create all day -
lacing together stories for their grandchildren,  
who play around their ankles, 
while their dogs bark playfully at everyone's heels.

A coconut drops out of tree onto the ground 
sounding a trigger for a food craving.
My friend and I walk 
to an outdoor beach bar, 
order coconut water,
and a plate of deep fried cassava.

We watch the street lights illuminate, 
becoming musically alive, 
in the pink afterglow of the day.
A visual concert 
of colors, shops and homes, 
decorating the new millennium stellar.
Every thing made all the more ceremonially handsome, 
with handmade party streamers floating 
from branches which bloom full of life into day's settling.

Treetop flower decorations,
that burst the morning's stillness alive, 
fire their colours in the evening
full of spark from a day perpetually ablaze.
Now, in this new century 
set in motion by the fire within me,
my Elder friend shares this beach bench beside me -
shows me the wisdom of his aging, 
by brightening and commenting 
that it is time
high time 
that we all chose to turnover 
the old age into a new age,
an age of no age, a time of no time,
breath in an ageless timeless wisdom
where everyone eternally counts, 
and everyone eternally matters.

We both, 
decide to turn the page,
and close the book 
on the last century.
Why not let go 
and allow 
the what is next 
to manifest it's Self new, 
and alive.

My friend sighs, 
a long drawn out sigh, 
a long thin cord of breath 
attached to an eternally aging eternity.

He thinks before he speaks, 
and declares, 
it is too much work 
to hold onto old energy ...
to try and keep your world the same 
by maintaining 
your own 
old and aging power systems.

There is nothing to control,
no thing controllable.
there is not one thing needing to be controlled.

He laughs at his own profoundness,
as if it is profane,
and pulls his jaw muscles tense 
to visibly pucker-crumple his facial structure.

Looking more like a dried apple doll 
he declares;
"As a person ages 
the exterior dries 
while the interior softens.
The within moistens, 
the within releases, 
the essence of life is breathed out ...
the fountain of youth pumps support ...
through all the inner ladders there is a sharing of vitality,
through all the supporting skeletal organization -
life is a breath of a drum beating a heart alive,
made whole by sharing."

Everything seems to be, 
everything is, a shared experience, 
of singular awareness, 
a singularity of the multiversal stuff 
that makes Self into selfless wander.
I feel my intelligence spinning atomically cellularly alert.
I am organizing my breath to let go, and just be my ageless wonder.

My friend, 
he breathes 
spreading his fingers 
to rest on his chest -
then palms down 
he exclaims;
"The branches of our cardiac systems, 
strengthen the heart of our era,
pumping the breath of life, 
into our consumptive embodiment 
of time span's eventful prism."

We laugh, some things are hard to translate.

As moonlight sweeps tides of light ,
and our words evaporate 
back into the nothingness 
from which they first emerged created -
I focus on the moonlight sweeping tides of life
onto my friend's features 
I realize – 
generating flow has advantages, 
feel different than creating resistance.

Inspired by the Moon, 
and the light of it's pure lunacy ...
I declare;
"We create unintentional pressure 
by trying to control 
and contain 
within our dam of rigid water tight framework.
We can decelerate from aging, 
via embracing pre-destiny's transformation.
We have the precognitive awareness,
and ability to craft 
and create life 
as we know it -
know it's truth, 
true power to be.
Be here."

"Perhaps in the realms of the imagination,
there is no here or there, there is no in and out.
There is simply here. 
Here is home, where my awareness resides,
and here is home, where I reside my awareness -
not a place, but a placement - 
here is where I place my awareness"

Here is wealth, 
a place we choose 
to create wealth, see wealth, have wealth ...
seeds of abundance already ready, 
and all waiting for harvest.
A simple act of planting and receiving, 
a simple next step in knowing and having -
knowing the seeds of abundance are here for the having -
have always been here for the having, creating, giving, receiving.

Our natural state is giving and receiving.
Each moment is a naturally created breath of life,
each moment is a naturally received new breath -
new breath naturally taken as a new step,
a new natural move of awareness 
into another new state 
of graceful moves in still puddles of liquid light -
newness of being, new raw awe ...
awesome states of new states of awareness ...
the awesomeness of simultaneous new existences.
Multiple experiences here to see,
here to witness and here to observe -
past, present, future as free and as natural
as essence is here already co-existing and co-creating.

Future is, here, occurring, imagining, existing,
as abundance created to have, created to hold,
and created to give to Self, and to create more
give more, receive more, have more -
existing is a form of love
loving to give to Self,
loving to receive for Self fulfilment -
creating, having, giving, receiving, having ...
imagine all that imagination 
can have more imagination -
imagine that here already, 
all ready here is existence, here for the having.


the ability to have
is the birth right 
of existing, being, Presence.

Our presence precedes 
and nourishes existence.
Present, past, and future coexist together here.
Life is a choice, 
receiving, bringing, giving life to all events.

I watch White Owls fly at the rising Moon.
I wonder if White Owls' memory is,
all of everything existing together ...
one experience, of all experience, in all of existence.
Do White Owls dream or are they always awake,
is yesterday also today, as well as tomorrow?
A White Owl in Brazil living at the beach remembers,
the time when beaches were first made, 
and the Moon was not a lonely planet, 
but the centre of a universe, surrounded by multiverses.

I precognitively precede and pre-seed, 
my scatter of experience, with abundance.
I naturally sustain abundance 
by imagining 
my Self into being richly existent.
I source abundant imagination 
from my infinite pool of creative energy.
The all and the every one of us, we,
we create abundance 
in every breath we take, 
and every step we make.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime after 1935 Adelia Prado wrote,  
“Dying is inevitable,
God is weightless.
A butterfly is always in transition,
like soap in a boiling kettle.”