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Sunday, November 7, 2010

London, Ottawa 2000: We All Have The Right To Live The Life Within Us

Pouring rain drenches my hair flat down onto my head,
I just got off the airplane and forgot to bring an umbrella.
I cannot decide where to look –
if I look down at puddles to avoid them,
the water dips down into my eyes,
and if I look up the water directly lands in my eyes.
Either way, the downpour blinds me
and I am soaked through to the skin.
I have no right or means to justify complaining,
so I entertain myself by playing with drips
dropping off the ends of my hair
catching them before they dive into transformation.
I hear a song almost like a mantra coming from deep within me;
we all have the right to live the life within us.

I am in London to speak at a conference
and renew official permissions that need be granted me
to reenter, live and work in the United States of America.
I am wandering the streets until my sister finishes her day of labour.
I walk to my favorite café, an artistic French patisserie in Soho
that serves delicate multiculturalists croissant
with strong international free trade coffee.
Upstairs I write, dry off, write, watch people below pass by,
then stop everything to look at smudges in the cafe window.
Just beyond, the smears on the glass,
I notice across the street the shop window's wet display -
a store of paramilitary disco body works of mutated mannequins,
dressed violently tattered and torn in sexual attire.
We all have the right to live the life within us.

This French-English café reminds me of where I grew up,
a city named for it's original First Nation inhabitants,
the band of people called Odawa,
which means "original people" and "traders".
Ottawa, as the English colonists spelled it,
is now the capital city of Canada.
A land populated in part by French speakers, part English speakers,
part Metis, part Odawa, Anishinaabeg, Chippewa, Ojibwe, Algonquin -
and part global multicultural oasis for political refugees
seeking asylum from their own homeland security.
The immigrating political refugees came to Canada for healing,
to regroup, recuperate, create reconciliation
among the already present villagers of cobbled and stoned cultures -
not yet accessible to Hollywood, and it's version of their stories.
We all have the right to live the life within us.

It is interesting the immigrants chose to settle
on the land of the Kichissippi River -
it was never surrendered by treaty,
sale or conquest to any invasion parties.
Since 1772, First Nation historical claims have been made and filed -
In 1983, the Algonquins of Golden Lake Pikwakanagan represented,
and re-presented to the Government of Canada their claims
of Aboriginal rights and titles.
I do not know how, and I do not know why,
but the government of the United States of America
deported some Odawa from Canada to the American state of Oklahoma.
The Odawa original homelands are Michigan, an American state,
and Ontario, a Canadian province.
Over the years, the increase in foreign residents
encouraged the First Nations bands to merge.
To ensure next generation longevity merging
created healthy sharing of resources and sustainable independence.
Still here, after all this time and turmoil,
there are approximately fifteen thousand citizens
of First Nations Ottawa/Odawa Native Americans
spread over Ontario in Canada, Michigan and Oklahoma in the USA.
We all have the right to live the life within us.

Every body rises in value when no one is sacrificed on the media alter.
When we co-channel our energies to co-create a world,
by investing and trading in sustainable ways of being,
we ensure our world does not get bent into ruin.
I do not have television and do not read newspapers.
Media sometimes seems like a modern version of a gladiator show -
where people and their cultures are dragged to the center of the ring, 
to be voted a thumbs up, or thumbs down - 
sorry your due date has expired, your life force is no longer required.
It seems like, individuals and groups are presented to the public, 
as a steady display of victims or villains prescreened for persecution -
pre-judged by the lords of the ring as fallen from grace,
yet they might actually be local heroes.
We all have the right to live the life within us.

How costly to us all, now and forever, 
and at what expense do we invest
daily in supporting negative gossip and innuendo?
Every one present, and generations of the future, 
are paying the ever growing expense
of manufacturing costly wars 
based on us versus them, me pitted against you.
The foolish expenditure by people who invade to colonize and trade
in order to capitalize cultures by exploiting their natural resources.
We the People versus We The People -
a dance from our primitive past,
that somewhere along the historical journey 
lost the memory that we are all related.
Humans made from the same ingredients 
as other living things, our planet and our universe -
we share the same cycles of seasonal rotation 
with all the stars in all the galaxies.
We all have the right to live the life within us.

"Survival of the fittest"
is a phrase created not by natural scientist Charles Darwin, 
but by writer political-economist Herbert Spencer - 
in his book "The Man Versus The State".
Spencer used the term 'survival of the fittest' 
to describe societies at war, 
and societal tribes of the militant type.
Spencer wrote, 
"Thus by survival of the fittest, 
the militant type of society 
becomes characterized 
by profound confidence 
in the governing power, 
joined with a loyalty 
causing submission 
to all that matters whatever."
We all have the right to live the life within us.

We all have the right to live the life within us.
This London French café is full 
of people from around the world 
seeking shelter from the rain of the United Kingdom,
and a decent cup of coffee this side of Mesopotamia.
The tables are close together, 
I overhear a father tell his son his hopes
that his business will generate increased revenues –
or they will have to cut corners and reduce customer service.
We all have the right to live the life within us.

Pass the sugar, waitress can I have more jam and butter?
Someone spills the salt leaving it for the waitress to clean up.
The waitress does her best to attend to every thing all at once –
all the while smiling her courteous, clean, punctual smile.
It is difficult to balance more than a fair share
of plates and cups on our arms while on our feet,
working in excess of twelve hours each day.
Soaking up other people’s spills, 
and mopping up other people’s floors,
choose a plate not to balance and a spill not to clean up.
My croissant suffers, as I peel way the hidden layers , 
while watching society buzz and reveal.
Striped clean of it's innate subtle gentleness, 
the tarnishes of society are scrubbed reflective, 
to mirror shiny its polished compassionate nature within.
We all have the right to live the life within us.

Across the street, the paramilitary disco body works shop,
engages in safe sex safe guarded by its built in protection
of security walls layered with chained links. 
No theft or violation, by overzealous users, permitted - 
the addicts of alternative lifestyles are neutered. 
Normalized variations of complexity 
are simplified into pedestrian tastes.
The shop window capitalizes on its show which features
overwrought proletariats tied up from over-work,
and belaboured factory furnaces over-sexed with pent up heat.
The surrounding walls are plastered, 
with advertisement posters mounting a campaign,
for an upcoming concert featuring citizens in bondage.
Masked people are muzzled and chained mannequins
masquerading as puppets governing in pleather,
suffocated by leather but protected by rubber.
We all have the right to live the life within us.

A man down on his luck limps by 
and stops for the free show.
He is window shopping for intimacy 
but mistakes lust for love.
The human connection he yearns for
is temporarily supplied by the subdued. 
The bond mannequins are built of the usual stuff 
that create the usual synthetic divisions: 
body no heart, 
glassy eyes masked 
by modular and uniform plastic physicality -
generically impenetrable, 
self contained 
and so impossible to impregnate.
Every body visible, 
yet invisible, 
and nobody able to be seen through. 
Walls serve to limit intimate contact,
and control humanity's animal. 
Contact with the core of society's heart is reduced,
so the human divine can suffer while alive,
only to be freed upon the grace of death.
We all have the right to live the life within us.

We all have the right to live the life within us.
I see the headlines in the newspaper on the next café table -
I make out the words ... 
bombing, explosive outcry, innocents wounded, victims.
I wonder who is bombing who?
The Irish bombing the English, 
the English bombing the Muslims, 
the Muslims bombing the Hindus, 
and the Hindus bombing the Colonialists -
the Colonialists shooting the Native American Indians, 
the Native American Indians shooting the cowboys,
and the cowboys shooting just about anyone, 
who looks at them sideways and speak with an accent.
We all have the right to live the life within us.

Perhaps it is the Socialists bombing the Fascists, 
the Fascists bombing the Communists,
the Communists bombing the Capitalists, 
and the Capitalists bombing the Anarchists.
I don't know if I ever believed 
in victims or heroes, 
nor conquerors or emperors.
I choose to invest my energy to build 
soul based relationships and walking paths of peace.
I like to build a way
away from wars on terror that use terror -
wars on fright via fright that cause more fright.
After all, ultimately at the core of all Beings,
everything energetically translates to
how we use of our energy, peace, love and happiness.
How much does it truly cost to wage a war,
if we must pay the price by sacrificing 
our happiness, peace of mind and lives?
How do you calculate the value of war,
if the investment is made with blood, sweat and tears?
We all have the right to live the life within us.

The war on might, 
by those who think themselves right,
only conquerors free will.
War deconstructs what was preexisting 
only to construct more invisible walls. 
Walls serve only one function, 
to enforce limitations and restrictions. 
Walls limit intimate contact with each other, and our Self.
All actions, words, and deeds create wholeness,
separation from the whole,
or reconciliation with the whole.
Society is mirror, 
engaging, deep, intimate,
and an opportunity
for one-to-one communication
with me, my Self and I.
We all have the right to live the life within us.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
In 1862, a senior Qing Dynasty Official 

to the Chinese Court wrote;
“Among the Muslims, 

there are certainly evils ones,
but doubtless there are also 

numerous peaceful, law-abiding people.
If we decide to destroy them all, 

we are driving the good ones
to join the rebels, 

and create for ourselves 
an awesome, endless job of killing … 
with a few rare exceptions, 
there are Muslims living in every city, 
in the army, and there are proportionately
even more Muslims than Chinese 
among the rank and file.”