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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brazil 2000: Peaceful Acts Can Create Warring States of Transformation

I am full, up to my ears 
with time wasted
by people fighting 
under the guise of love.

In these moments 
I have learned 
to expect the unexpected ...
arm myself 
by protecting my balance 
of action married with compassion ...

Neutralizing my conflagrant reaction 
by opening wider to change.
And so it happens 
that while opening further, 
I meet two exceptional people ...
She, a native Brazilian. 
He, a Navaho Native American of Arizona.
They worked their way 
from Alaska to Brazil
and now help the creators of 
native Amazon Indigenous rain forest crafts -
Channeling the profits back 
to the artists and their villages.

We share impressions 
of world music, culture,
people who help people 
see and become more -
more expanded, more of possibility.
We share what we see of the shaping 
of our emerging fifth and sixth world creation.
I ask about the creation myths 
of the Amerindian forest peoples -
whose stories, I hear, primarily explain 
the origins of humanity,
and our world culture 
we are in relationship to, with Nature.

My new friends explain,
that individual myths are multilayered ...
relating the notions 
of knowledge and ignorance ...
the sacred charter 
that preserves past 
and current social order ...
the power structures 
and struggles 
within our selves ...
Reflected outward 
into our community's organisms ...
The relationship 
of differences and similarities 
within ...
within male and female creation
energetic functional-mechanisms.

Recurrent historical myths 
and current prophecies ...
interweave Women 
with natural fertility, balance
and knowledge of peace 
during chaos ...
And intertwines Men 
with cultural fertility, order
and sacred warrior knowledge 
during peace.

One widespread myth 
that varies 
from the Amazon to Tierra del Fuego
that the world of the Americas 
was dominated by Women.

The Women ruling order 
somehow reversed,
and transferred power to Men -
who then barred Women from ingathering ...
Prohibited the rights of assembly to Women ...
It was against the law 
for Women to attend power gatherings ...
Power gatherings 
where governing counsels united ...
and gathered in large numbers ...
Gathered to gather power 
to grow strong in charity, 
clarity to embody 
the certainty 
of their convictions.

My friend’s store 
is full of intricate sights,
the wares of what 
imaginative hands can weave ...
Everyday tools 
with the colours of feathers ...
Natural rainbows 
of transparent blues, greens, yellows and reds.

Rainforst Amerindian myths 
link fire in the body, sex, birth, death -
with the forces of Sun and Moon cycles ...
Raining of energy downwards upon and within us -
Stimulating entanglement of power struggles ...
Between the inner creative energy of Women ...
and external creativity of Men.
Natural forces of evolution 
create through destruction,
and destruction is a renewal force 
needed for the birth of new re.creation.

My new friends tell a story 
to explain the power shifts,
and reoccurring reordering 
of the uncommon Natural order.
Early people had no fire, 
they ate vegetables raw,
and warmed meat 
on rocks under sun.

Humans stole the power of fire 
from animal and mineral kingdoms.
The Birds tried to stop humans 
from escaping the forest
with this potent energy,
potentially destructive power -
The Birds gathered 
to fan extinguish 
the escaping fire's flames -
but in their excitement 
instead ignited their wings,
creating arches 
of rain bowed feathered 
reflections of coloured heat.

The Birds survived 

the atomic discharge,
the heat exchange 
within their breasts ...
eventually cooled 
from regaining 
their presence and insight ...
Colour gifted from Source,
at the time of their birth,
from Creation's cold comfort.

The Birds knew 
at that moment 
if they did not fly high, 
separate away,
the humans would try 
to recapture 
the Bird's coat of beauty 
created by Creation.
The Birds knew
that Humans would try 
to trap and cage the fire 
that thrived 
within the Birds feathered breasts.

The Birds also knew 
that one day 
to restore balance on the planet,
and within the universe ...
a reconciliation need occur 
between Birds and Humans.
Humans without Birds 
would be lost 
to the stars of the Heavens,
and Birds without Humans 
would have less a sense of Self -
Bird-sense is knowing 
and comprehending 
the gifts of their unique beauty.

Perhaps Birds 
are attractive to 
inhumanity suffering from the human condition -
Birds being a liberated presence in the skies,
represent something that  Humans once were ...
and might not ever be again. 

Attracting human admiration 
and human desire for capturing fire -
the energy that lays at the core within us all -
Birds are atomically elevated 
as the descendants on Earth 
who posses non-possessively 
a vast personal wealth 
constantly on display.

Daily birds 
their coloured riches 
to the sky -
their feathered crowns 
to other Earth descendant,
their Human sisters and brothers.

Birds learned 
that even the best intentions 
and desires have incalculable results -
All actions have some truth -
but no true beginning, middle and end.
Actions are simply reoccurring cycles 
of manifestations re.manifesting 
in varying forms.
Even the emissaries of peace and 
their peaceful acts 
can create warring 
states of transformation.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~

Around 1960 Paulin Joachim wrote to his friend David Diop;
"... and it is true we are wounded at the lowest point of hope
but hope in us has never beaten its wing
it rises on our human horizons like a fresh unfolding bud
there lives in us unconquerable hope snapping at the heels of freedom
in due course it hunts down the dawn with huge supplies of stones
against the wall that will crack in the end
for we will not leave the smallest scrap to the demons of despair.”