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Friday, November 23, 2012

Los Angeles 2012: Thanks Given, Thanks Received, Ever Grateful Throughout An Eternity of Creative Imagination

I can write about all of our ancestors we never thanked.
I can smile at all the memories not yet understood.
I can feel gratitude for all the children choosing peace.
I can hear all the songs being sung by people forgiving to forget,
To forgive may not be an act of forgetting, but it is an act of love.

I can see all the crimes of humanity acted out in ignorance.
I can ignore all the humanity acting out crimes.
I can forgive all the crimes knowing the unconsciousness of humanity.
I can forget humanity's unconscious knowing to not forgive is a crime,
To not forgive may not be a crime, but it is a shame.

I can imagine that beliefs are winks of light from stars long ago dead.
I can know that the sensation of color forms a community that is bright.
I can taste the chemistry of the alchemy of life.
I can smell a world banquet of cultural choices nurturing light,
To forgive is a saving grace that can someday save a Life.

I can touch the remarkable difference between silence and creation.
I can see the universal spark of inspiration.
I can feel within my space my spark of light.
I can feel between my atoms where my memory marked,
My cellular markers placeholders for my genetically remembered paces.

Sometimes, Life can seem like only a slight blessing,
but it is an immense journey of a Life in the making.
Life is learning to be alive in a peopled-illuminated manuscript,
to witness the living history of every human being being human,
Individually created and individually wrapped, we are history in the making.

We are the bodies of history making history while it is being written.
Each their own millions of stacked and ringed inner-cellular memories.
Each their own, millions of stacked years of ringed inner-cellular harmonies.
We create and can in-tune to atone our personal music,
to play aloud the symphony of our Life's makings while they are passing.

It is through Self-attuning that dreams are orchestrated.
Dreams individually created manifest into being.
Each individual Life, lived as one life, among the forest of trees.
Each one Life unique, grown from a single seed,
Each one Life born, from the same singular inspiration that sounded colour.

Life grows in proportion to an individual's Self-awareness.
The tricks of the trade of Life, are to live Life, alive as joy.
To not sharpened your senses through acts of sheer force.
To not grind an axe head upon a stone body, banging
head-bone against flesh-walls making a mess of releasing
pressure built-up overtime from resistance to what deadens.

Acts of sheer force, the use of brute force to create,
produces nothing but a dim Soul's dull ache.
Symbolically doors do not yield by being forced open -
openness is created through the care-taking of the creator,
the heartfelt carefulness in the act of choosing what not to create.

Life in all it's forms has a core feeling.
The sensing of sensations that sound in bodies of light.
The feeling of experiences that are alive still living in Space.
The feeling of Space alive full with every experience ever created,
The sensing of any body of experience no longer held in form.

The form that one's Life takes is stillness birthing movement,
Life satelliting in formation around one heart's information.
Life is having the personal Space to sense Self as a force living,
so living your own individual experience leads to
knowing yourself more, as a force of who - that is Self-leading.

I can not imagine any believed-concepts so permanent
that Life is fixed for all of eternity like a stitch in time
woven into the universal fabric of well healed poetics.
Imagination is a temporal vibration, felt in
the language of creation: imagination creating images.

The language of creation: imagination creating Self-image,
while I sense joy, simultaneously I see pain in our world.
I see people invest in lies they believe to be lies.
I see the middle, end and more new Self-filled beginnings -
circumnavigational truths, spirals of cultured interconnectivity.

I imagine thanks given to the past is a form of reconciliation.
Through forgiveness I imagine my ancestors being released
from the deep dark prisons of secreted cellular memory.
Forgiveness is a timeless liberation from acting out the same behaviours -
time and again bodies making new bodies, holding breath, wanting more.

I imagine ancient grief consciously being lifted
from my witness body of observation.
I imagine I am powerful enough to remember
that I am my Soul leading my Life to awaken,
becoming alert throughout my own Soul's Self-creation.

Thanks given and thanks received
are acts of creation which move cellularly inward -
being passing out through shared atomics in breath living.
To the width and breadth of their own choosing,
to each their own breath and Life of their own making.

Thanks given and thanks received, are powerful choices.
Any act of creating joy is a powerful act which releases hate.
To imagine one's Self as fully worthy of Life,
is one step to live one's given Life, as expanded Self-purpose.
Every one of us is Self-fulfilling and Self-worthy.

To release the imagination from imagining the worse,
is an act to take, power away from what is powerless.
To release the imagination from imagining hatred,
is an act to give power more inspiration,
inspiration creates more Life force power.

Life is not fixed, not broken, never permanent -
all things living are alive filling up space
with a timelessness beyond our body of experience.
That, which is in the process of being created,
lives in the evermore of what is, made by
who ever is imagining what ever into being.

Life can be a joy, a Self-created sensation.
Any one of us can distill our Life to Self-recognize.
We are all creators powering Self through gratitude -
the power to forgive gives and frees up the partake in Life.
Thanks given, thanks received ever-grateful
throughout an eternity of creative imagination.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime after 1452, Leonardo da Vinci wrote;
"I love those who can smile in trouble,
who can gather strength from distress,
and grow brave by reflection."