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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Haiti, Los Angeles 2010: You and I Are All That Ever Was, and Will Be

All forces of nature 
are used to colliding,
reflecting, resisting 
and redefining themselves -
as they reinvent themselves, 
with passion into sensation.

All events are natural 
to the forces of Nature –
it is just that some times 
humans judge Life, 
judge each other,
and govern their Self
according to the full forces of emotion.

Feeling every thing, 

and giving free reign to all feelings -
is one way to live a Life in fullness,
yet all that is, and all that is all around,
means during some times we channel.
We channel energy through us,
breathing deeply, then deeper.

Breathing, living through thin walls,
alveoli feeling the sensation of every thing -
all sentiments that have ever been,
energetically directed alive spinning through Space.
We exhale carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen,
but it is within the Water 
We respire that memory stored.

We unintentionally orchestrate 
all things to come alive -
and sit in the back seat 
while We let other energy 
drive our personal power.
In sum, these given moments
add up to not surrendering our crown.

Our head space, our throne, 
can only be powerfully governed 
by no one other than our Self.
If We lose our balance, get lost in space, 
We forsake our day dreams,
to act out our worse fears -
a type of slumber unconsciously navigating 
our Life through living out, acting out,
our most challenging nightmares.

Heart centered growth 

is the evolution 
of compassionate kindness -
freely given to all, 
as charity bestowed 
naturally upon people.
A global examination 
of world humanity,
and individual pride 
tested by the faith you have
in your own choices.

Faith you have in your human need 
to trust stranger's inhumane assistance,
then forgive, accept and make peace,
over and over again make peace,
within cycles of humanity's human existence.

Human heightened humility will always be
challenged to be urbane, exist in kindness,
be creative and destructive by recreating 
feats that create and challenge the courage of unity.

A worldly examination which globally tests 

what We feel about our Self and each Other.
This is Life, 
an obstacle course of leaps and bounds,
global movements,
moving deeper into our heart space -
to see what was not seen,
and to dare to speak what was not heard.

We live the questions not yet asked.
We live the questions not yet answered.
We live the questions always asked:
What do I feel about my Self?
What do I feel? What do I need? What do I want?"
Difficult times beg each individual to ask 
and answer the practical questions
of Self-faith in Self-perseverance.

Salvation is close at hand
whisper all humans while still,
while witnessing themselves travel 

at in-urbane speeds faster than light -
yet slower than the ecology of urban sound.

We are all living through times

when morality is inhumane to be human,
and quite human to be inhumane -
yet within polarity between these dualities 
exist more of us
than We can infinitely imagine.

Moments of Life are given 

to rise above, move around all that is - 
be smelt, tasted, touched, seen and heard,
rise above all that is not Self.
To know reality from illusion
is to smile when a frown is easier,
and to be your Self when being
your own worst enemy comes naturally.

The spirituality of Self-reflection
illuminates the science of mirroring the living
while they are living the Life
not yet known to them,
living the Life of the enlightened still unknown -
the great mysterious aspects of Self,
human's divine humanity undefined.

For all the world to see,

carved on ancient tablets
and etched on stone walls,
are the signs of Life that can be read -
so read the traffic signs
carefully gifted by our ancestors.
They left us guidance, 
a map of their time, and ours, 
reflecting our present direction.

Our ancestors left us support 
a future ways and means.
Our ancestors left respect for us 
to navigate our own way in our own time.

All that which was in the Beginning
is all that which is now, 
and is that which ever shall be:
world without end.
Relax as Earth moves the earth, 
and ashes transform into more ashes, 
and dust changes into more dust.

Transfix the veil of all that 
which is during the light of Day.
Transduce the veil of all that 
which is resurrection during the dark of Night.
Life living the world to come, 
which is fashioned anew, each moment.

From the body of humiliation 
form is light reconformable,
moment by moment transformation -
a glowing body of time and space
glory revealing the character 
of the inner world revealed 
as revelation made by mighty 
inner organic workings -
whereby, all things within, 
within, our will, 
are subject to our will, 
our commands at will.

Flowers close up at night to sleep 

the senseless eternal sleep,
and reopen during the day 

to wake the senses' nocturnal action.
There is a time to be still and be silent,
there is a time to be still and speak out -

make noise in a voice so personal,
so loud, to be silently heard within -
within every recess and heart felt fold.

Shouting whispers of be, still 
and know
That, I am - I am here, 
I am just here, just like seeds 
yet to flower and seeds already sprung 
into life, from beneath the rubble 
and debris of life, make your Self known, 
raise your voice proudly and make your sound;
Be Still Know I Am Here  
Know I Am That Eternal Always Present.
It is not a answer or question of religiously living, 
it is a Life question answered 
by conscientiously breathing.

In a little while 

when the world will see me no more,
though you will see me, 
because I live with you, I will see you -
and so, you also live because you are seen.
I will not leave you, orphan you;
I will come to you –
yet for a little while, 

if the world wills to see no more of me,
you will still see me because I live 
within eternity, still and so do you 
live eternally, still.

On that day, 

within, still, moments, 
you will know -
that you are eternally of me,
I eternally of you,
and eternally you and I
are all that ever was, and ever will be.

~ Other People's Fingerprints ~
Sometime around 1967 Leonard Cohen wrote;
I’m not looking for another as I wander in my time,
Walk me to the corner our steps will always rhyme,
You know my love goes with you as your love stays with me,
It’s just the way it changes like the shoreline and the sea,
But let’s not talk of love or chains and things we can’t untie,
Your eyes are soft with sorrow,
Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye.”