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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Eclipses: Global Shifts Through Local Individual Self-Directed Transformation

Eclipse energy is very powerful, what was not visible,
arrives as an insight 
and becomes seen.

Those who have spent their life in the dark, 

with an occasional hint of their own light, 
will experience expanded Self-illumination.
Dark contains all colours of light, 
and light contains all colours of dark. 
The dark is not less than light, 
and light is not more than dark.
Each and every colour has a sliding scale of it's Self,
natural light to dark gradient radiant hues -
life is not a sliding grey scale but a colourful event.

Light and colour are 
the sound of life,
the essence of life evolving sensually.
What makes sense to one individual,
might not make sense to another individual's senses.
What one individual senses as a concept of what is real, 
might be another individual's sense of what unreal.
The realms of reality and unreality are the same events,
experienced differently to each unique individual.
Reality, unreality, light and dark are the essence of presence sensed. 
Presence is essence sensed, and perceived -
Self is a presence with essence sensed and perceived.

Transformation is 
a natural state of change, 
which creates more specific distinction.
Self-distinction is the Self-individualized as differences.
One person's perception of perfection is different,
from another person's unique perception of 
which "state of being" they consider perfect.
Consider there is no perfect state,
just different and unique states of being.

Eclipses, will power fully, eclipse your life. 

With all their power, eclipses change energies, 
and so by their true nature alter all beliefs 
an individual might hold dear and true -
truth expands and so alters 
the sacred personal codes an individual lives by.

Living life to it's fullest 

state of perfection is a human concept, 
and concepts by nature alter, 
ideals are not fixed forever as one state of being. 
Things change, 
not to become more perfect, 
but to become more truth,
more of a true reflection 
of the truth of the nature of more creation. 

Things change because creation simply creates more.
Creation creates more of it's Self - 
Self creates more truth of it's Self. 
The truth of nature is to give more, 
and receive more of and from Self. 
Eclipses bring us closer to Self, 
Self creating, Self giving 
and Self receiving the creation of more Self. 
After all is said and done 
there is simply more Self being created.

Lunar eclipses balance out the active force of the Sun, 
surging outward to create a counter balance, 
in pulling what is outward inward, 
and what is inward outward. 
The tidal dance of what is unconscious becoming conscious, 
and what is conscious expanding to occupy more Space.

The inner world allowing the knowing of Self, 

the external worlds allowing the knowledge of Self.
Experience is becoming more fully Self-realized, 
Self-aware being a force of expanding potential and possibility.
An individual can fight their own growth, 
an individual can be the growth growing -
an individual can be anything an individual's heart desires.
An individual is always more
more power, more full, 
more full of their current growing -
an individual is always more than their current power growing.

Within your own life be Self-leading,
Self-leadership is intention, desire and action,
allowing and permitting more full leader of Self in life.
Self-leadership is making peace,
making peace within your Self,
making peace with your Self -
and when peace is made within 
understanding is unveiled, revealed and released -
a state of relaxed Self-awareness and Self-understanding is laxed.

Witness other individuals creating life.
Imagine being the creator of your individual life's journey.
Self-leadership reflects Self outward,
as you create more Self, you experience more for your Self.

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                           Photo Image Credits: So You Think We Are Alone?