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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

World 2012: Life Is Exceptional, A Miracle Breath of Light and Sound of Colour

This year in history astronomers announced their new concepts of reality.
They discussed their discoveries of a new class of planetary system.
They shared their new clues to how supernovae originate.
They perceived from their perspective that the color of the Milky Way is white.

Colour is an important property of galaxies that astronomers study.
Colour is an indicator to the qualities, within light, created during moving illumination.
It is important to many astronomers to quantify rarity -
to study events in the universe to understand their singular uniqueness.
I believe astronomers really want to know and understand life -
to know how rare life is, humans are, and if we are alone.
And beyond.

To know how unique our planet and humans are
generates a surge of great hope -
excitement for new potentials and possibilities.
To know that circumbinary planetary systems are not rare -
... and it is not unusual for planets to orbit two stars -
... and that millions of circumbinary systems may exist in the Milky Way -
is to experience an increase of creation creating infinity infinitely.
And beyond.

Now that three circumbinary systems have been found,
Kepler 34b, 35b, and 16b,
astronomers want to know how planets form around a pair of stars.
I consider one sperm and one egg.
They combine to create one union
that uniformly creates one other life
a formation of information in formation.

I consider my body is an unique planet,
made of the same ingredients as the stars -
atmospheric layers of energy around me,
auras revolving around my planetary core.

I am a composition of stellar universality
encasing creative unique dynamics.
My specialness is not alone,
I am not a singular event,
although I am an individual
individually formed
and uniformly unique.
There is much beyond beyond,
and beyond that beyond
there is more beyond.
And beyond.

I am beyond all that is beyond beyond.
Perhaps life is simply bringing all of one's Self,
and all of one's composition,
into one single position ...
seeing one's Self, one Self,  as more than I ...
more than one singular expression ...
more than one experience of multiversal creation.
I am certainly universal and multidimensional.
Beyond that, I imagine, beyond That.

Perhaps what feels real and unreal
is the truth of the enormity of personal power.

I witness other individuals encased in light,
sounding their frequencies of creation -
harmonically creating
conscious and unconscious acts of creation ...
and I experience That, my truth is a reality
That, is really a magical event
which moves very quickly.

My accelerated dream of brilliance
is unimaginable in some moments,
and tangible at other times.
I can taste my life as I create my life.
I can sense my power and feel my truth.
Inside me is a world creating worlds of creations.

I know illusionists are magicians and musicians
conquering the universes of their own internal demons,
and embracing the heavenly gifts of their singular talent.

I witness Others, creating
and see Some, aware of what they are creating.
It is lonely sometimes to watch a world asleep at the wheel of life,
alone, engaged in the cycle of living -
but deathly comatose to the wonders of Self-direction.

Humanity adrift on a raft of their own making,
riding the waves of Self-transformation,
clinging to hope that life is no more than they think it is ...
because if life was felt more ...
then feeling would hope for more feeling ...
and Human Beings would have their dreams to live.

I know each Human being can conjure the unimaginable -
and imagine the illusions of life are truth not yet manifest.

Humans alone can wonder why they are alone,
when in fact none of us are alone,
ever have been alone,
and never will be alone ...
I am only alone if I think I am alone,
there is much beyond beyond ...
and way beyond beyond is more beyond That.

Beyond the simplicity of life exists more.
More of everything,
more of anything,
more of different things,
but not more of the same thing -
since all that is created, is created, individually unique...
and all that has ever been created,
is never created to be exactly the same once again.
It is stimulating to imagine
that each creation that is here now,
will never be here again,
and never once, be created twice, the same.

No two things are alike,
things cannot be repeated the same once again,
all things cannot be duplicated exactly the same way twice.
No two events are the same,
events are a singular perception of a moment -
events cannot be duplicated exactly the same way over again.
No two experiences are the same,
experiences differ according to each unique individual.
Yes two humans experience the same moment,
as their own unique personal point of view -
perception is unique through the eye of the beholder.
And beyond?
Beyond beyond is more beyond.

The Book of Eloqence and Demonstration,
was written sometime after the year 781 by Al Jahiz (الجاحظ)
known also as Kitab al-Bayan wa al-Tabyin

Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi lived from 1155–1191,
and founded a school of Illumination,
to develop a version of reasoning called "Illuminationism".
Suhrawardi argued that light operates at all levels -
hierarchies and layers of reality.
He believed that light produces immaterial and substantial lights,
including immaterial intellects, human and animal souls -
even dusky shadow substances such as bodies
are produced by light producing light, producing light.
Light beyond light is more light,
and beyond light is more light creating light.
Beyond beyond is more beyond.

The Principle of Sufficient Reason ...
that anything which happens does so for a reason -
and that no state of affairs can be obtained,
and no statement can be true,
unless there is sufficient reason  -
... sufficient reason principles that
all that is ...  could not be otherwise.

Aristotle wrote that actual infinity is impossible ...
even though some humans believe
that all which has been created ...
builds on top of all that was previously created ...
and those new creations build beyond our previous beyonds.
Aristotle wrote that colour is dark black and white light mixing
to create shadows of varying proportions of themselves.

In 1810 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote the Theory of Colours.
It is a poet's view on the nature of colour,
and how colours are perceived by humans.
His writings contain some concepts of phenomena
such as coloured shadows, refraction and chromatic aberration.
Humans guess each human perceives colour differently,
according to variety and circumstance.

No two people are the same,
no two people perceive the same,
no two events are the same.
You do not have to be a science genius to understand
that every human, every moment, and every point of view is different.

Every time I see, look, glimpse,
and bring my awareness to something ...
I have a unique insight, and different experience.
Colours move, light moves, my nervous system moves,
and so my sensory perceptional changes naturally.
My eyes gather, store and transmit information,
and so all events which built up over time include the previous afterimage.

I see my world according to all my built up experiences over time,
and I know that my senses gather experience ...
naturally evolve my inner world beyond, my beyond ...
beyond my last experience of beyond.
And then beyond that beyond my senses sense beyond.

I begin my cycle of life with my energy leading each day's awakening.
I lead my Self to Self-discover, Self-adventure and Self-explore.
My Self-navigation reveals within me all that creates my uniqueness.
And beyond.

Life is simple.
My life is for me to experience.
My Soul in my body lives my lifetime.
Individual human events are
each-to-their-own personal-experience,
of their own personal-humanity.
Individually created each-one-of-us
simply experiences our own individual-world.

Individuals have unique individual experiences of living life.
Each individual will experience the same event differently.
Each Human Being will perceive the same event sensually exceptional.
Each person will feel the same event individually.
Each Human Being is constructed to be especially unique.
And so life continues to be beyond exceptional ...
more special than the last special moment of experience.

To be human is to always be more than what you just experienced.
Infinity is in each moment, and in each moment is experience -
in each experience is the essence of infinity.
So simply lived, life is exceptional, unique, individual truth.
Self-leadership knows individual uniqueness.
Self-knowledge intuits individual specialness.
Life is exceptional, a miracle breath of light and sound of colour.

~Other People's Fingerprints~
In 1812, George Gordon Byron wrote;
"There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society where none intrudes,
By the deep Sea, and music in its roar:
I love not Man the less, but Nature more,
From these our interviews, in which I steal
From all I may be, or have been before,
To mingle with the Universe, and feel
What I can ne'ver express, yet cannot all conceal."

Betsy Anderson, Dene Elder
at Tadoule Lake, Manitoba shared;
"There was a time
when all the people
and all the animals
understood each other
and spoke the same language."

Dene Nation, Sayisi Elder and Hunter
at Tadoule Lake, Manitoba
once shared his learnings
of the Ekw’i eghalats’eda
(Hunting Rules, ethical conduct with Nature);
"When I was a young man in Duck Lake
and went hunting with my dad,
when we came to a place
where there was a take and animals,
we would put a rock in the water in thanks.
We would stand on the land,
open our arms and say out loud
“Ma see cho nih” ‘Thank you, nature!

"Ocean Reflecting Light"

"New Born Curiosity"