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Friday, September 17, 2010

Toronto 1988: Hungry, for more

Life dipped in the chocolate culture of synchronicity
plunges me up to my waist in memory
to coat my cavities in bittersweet mystery.
Civilization passes more minutes and I click into realization
that we build upwards from the ground gaining height
to view the thoughts hidden in the bottom of our hearts.
Alterations alter nations, we build altitude to change attitude
towards our mindset concealed within a grain of time.

I live within the moments as clock strikes the hours
and time steals the seconds away from my future.
The long arm of the law of gravity reaches into my present,
and with cautious precision rearranges all elements in surprising order,
to choreograph all coincidences to exist within me in this moment.
Minutes fill the empty crevices in my body,
my lungs and underarms, backs of my knees.
Time fills in the texture of my life by tinting dark the shadows
behind my ears, back of neck, bottoms of feet, palms of hands.
My chakras align, wheeling vortexes of light, 
along the axiology of my spinal column.
I stare at my feet, try to lift and tap my toes but my toes do not tap;
the code that communicates between the worlds of my being is blocked.
Something larger than my self, is being intentional, it desires me
to go nowhere, to do nothing, to just be within my whole system of being.

I hold still, in silent mourning for the future I thought I was going to have.
The form I thought my life was going to take parades by,
striding to a march of transformation,
striking the cymbals that mirror a single unanimous reflection. 
I do not know if I am supposed to cheer –
anyway, somehow I feel, expanded into possibility
so much that every sense in me knows the changes
I need to implement and the actions I need not hesitate to take.

I feel gravity wrestle with the tongue in my mouth – I struggle for words,
the heaviness of my situation forces my tongue into cheek.
Insincerely bound into alternatives I resist change.
I restrain myself from compromise until suddenly my mouth opens
in wonderment as the unimagined appears before me,
in the shape of worlds floating the not yet explored alternatives.
Not yet open I become more quiet and slow down, I harmonize
so the doorways to the new can open, for me 
to see beyond my normal range of vision – 
my bandwidth expands interconnecting my super consciousness.
My relationship to the how of what adjusts – 
out of the blue I feel very hungry, for more.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime after 1934 Carl Sagan said;
“Human misery is more often caused
not so much by stupidity as by ignorance,
particularly our own ignorance about ourselves.”