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Friday, September 17, 2010

Toronto 1988: The Space Between My Atoms Deepen

In my dreams I remember
That in the Beginning 
There was inner movement,
But I always forget my dreams ...
I always forget 
To envision my future 
Before I create it.

I forget to build with essence 
Rather than form –
So when unknown mystery approaches 
I will not hesitate to become approachable …
By shifting my viewpoint, 
Then my global stance, 
I embrace a future, 
I have yet to create. 

Still standing still, 
Still breathing 
After my momentary reconfiguration, 
I become aware 
Of the power of relationship –
Where my attention goes my energy flows –
Gathering all my forces 
Into a simple structure 
Of complex manifestation. 
But welcomely, 
I all-of-a-sudden Self-concieve.

I conceive 
That I am
That I must cultivate my attention 
By consciously practicing the art of focus -
My art of my focus charges all my senses, 
Converges my nervy mind
Into single-mindedness.

I practice focusing, 
Across the intersection,
First on the blue door, 
Second on the blue coats, 
Then hats and cats -
Dogs that walk by.
Then I concentrate 
All my senses 
To search 
For any signs of life ...
That might inhabit this space of intelligence ...
And may know 
How green the grass really is 
On the other side ...
That realm beyond my sixth sight, 
The realm which contains all That, exists 
All around me. 

I re-focus on the merchandise walking by, 
Every brand of shoe and boot -
I look closely at the souls of feet, 
To see if they are supported.

I expand, 
And then, I notice 
Above and beyond me -
The huge sky 
Painting the ceiling 
Of my reality with infinity.

Pressed flat by frost, 
My surroundings become 
Squished-enlarged ...
Ground, sky, trees
Birds, animals and people 
Grow in value and statue.

Everything accelerates.
Rising out of the permafrost blues,
Coughing out the darkness, 
From inception's last layer -
The last breath of Winter’s 
Rhythm and hues. 

I become aware 
Of the peppered sky,
Stars a splattered arc 
Of clustered communities 
Populated by inner light, 
Lit by inner fire, 
Selves sacred immolate ...
Life a meditative fire purification ceremony -
What the Tibetans call 
The mountain of burnt offerings.

No matter how difficult 
Our situation might be
We have erasure potential, and possibility -
Purifying ourselves through free will, 
Personal choice, 
Achieving Self-liberation from obscurations, 
Living charm,
The charma of dharma non-karma,
Inconspicuous consumptive consciousness.

Brilliance plasters across my viewing field,
A dazzling dance within the veiled rays 
Of inner universal life –
A whirl of nature’s random secret messages 
Transmitted to those who perceive.
I see planets - 
Tonight I see Chiron 
Returning to our skies
To help light the waves above us, 
Light the waves within us,
Light what is beyond us.

I remember on this planet 
The potential for life is infinite, 
Yet, I ache from knowing 
I am 
Addicted to knowledge of more.
I am
Wanting to know more.
I deeply desire further Self-awareness. 

I visualize 
That I can further Self-educate ...
Self-cultivate until I feel connection 
To my personal truth, 
Connection to my knowledge ...

But all of this yearning 
Has evolutionary requirements -
That I Self-evolve, Self-become, 
Self-lighten by Self-defining.

Being my all and everything 
requires my Self-leadership.
To know who I am requires 
That I choose to know who I am.
And who I am not.
Simple simplification to Self-identify.
I create my simple Self-identity. 
I create my Self-awareness.
I create my Self-respect and Self-dignity. 
I become, I be, I am Self-fulfilling.

I practice patience.

Time responds 
By elongating a falling star’s flutter.
The star's life disappears from the sky,
Just short of forever being the spectacular,
It was born to be ...

Or so I perceive, in this moment.

In front of my path 
The star's light leaves a slight trail,
a luminance shadow of it's former brilliance ...
The star has become something more ...
Perhaps Star has become something other ...
Self is another word for transformation,
the formation of form, 
and the transiting of information.

Or so I perceive, in this moment.

I remember the breath of life 
That cords my Soul 
Connects my present journey's existence - 
With my essence, 
With my inherent nature
With my abundant concentration of qualities,
Which constitute, in part, my presence.
My own ethical constitution 
Governing my own Self to be true peace.

Or so I perceive, in this moment.

I remember presence ...
That which comes before me 
Illuminating my darkness.
Each individual's Self-assurance,
That lights up the all, around
Each one, 
Of us.

Possibilities become apparent, 
I become unstuck,
And Self-radiate 
My infinite eternal potential.

It is time to move 
From my endless fixation on frozen tundra ...
Move my attention 
To a place to warm my eternity ...
Perpetual motion 
Abiding a travelling fellowship 
With the ever lasting aspects 
Of guiding my Self to myself.
My own internal compass,
That, which is me, 
That, which has no expiration date, 
That, which is not fixed, or has a shelf life.

My heighten sensory perception 
Revitalizes my life purpose,
And I use this renewed Self-sustainability 
To navigate 
My head and my heart 
Into a safe place 
Of expanded exploration ..
And so, 
Even though ...
I am packed deeply 
Inside my body of experience ...
So squeezed for space 
That I sometimes loose my sense of Self ... 
I finally, 
Finally I 
Do feel.
I finally do feel, 
I do feel. 

I know I am present 
When I feel full of life, 
Feel my life full of me, 
My presence.
Being in present time, 
Being present 
Is the same as feeling full of life, 
Feeling my life, 
Feeling, knowing 
And experiencing my sense of Self.
I feel deep space expand around, and within me. 
I feel my space, I am alive - 
I feel the space between by atoms deepen.

~ Other People's Fingerprints ~
Sometime after 1879 Hans Albert Einstein said; 
“Out of clutter, find simplicity.
From discord, find harmony. 
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."