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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Los Angeles 2010: Exhausted from My Own Betrayal

Day and night cooperate
to unify the whole,
day does not oppress night, 
and dark does not suppress light -
each at their core 
contains the truth of the other.

Life is alchemical 
and always, 
ever and ever more, 
forever and ever after
a restorative dance 
with a sense 
of optimism 
for the future.

My beliefs and choices 
are personal to my Self –
mere intellectual concepts 
made to be naturally altered,
destroyed in each moment 
to enable and expand 
the art of my Self expressing.

I craft my Self aware, 
sculpt my Self identity, 
I am, 
and so I am 
recreationally Self defining.

Each day I birth 
the extraordinary lightness 
of my 
to oversee the demise 
of my 
dualistic mediocracy –
to oppose any divisive rule 
imposed on me, 
by my own 
mediocre Self governing principals.

I expose the pain 
that I experience 
to transcend and transform 
the pain that I cause.

The nature of creation 
is spiraling escalation.
Even during times of contraction 
I am 
simultaneously expanding. 

The challenge of my unknown 
sharpens my sense 
of Self determination,
the confrontation of my Self, 
known -
challenging my unknown 
heightens my sense 
of Self realization -
life is not a test, 
I am, 
I exist, 
and all ready
I know the score.

I am not afraid 
of placing my attention 
on the beauty in this world,
I do not believe evil 
will grow unruly 
if devoid of my gaze.
Simply I have learned, 
and so I am aware, 
that love transforms.

The gain after the fire 
is the replenishment of the earth; 
after the storm the air is clear.

I still, 
and redefine my past behind me 
to carry nothing more 
than my purity forward.

I still, 
and create 
vibrant child-like innocence and trust 
by being present –
if experience all around me 
is demeaning and devious.

I still, 
and meditate 
on restorative peace 
to strengthen the harmony 
of my core’s presence –
if experience 
all around me 
is disheartening 
and dishonest.

I still, 
and purify 
any and all discord 
and dissonance -
so my presence 
synchronizes my actions,
sounds out 
and manifests 
significant resonance, 
to orchestrate 
the unification 
of my story.

How can I be so nonsensical 
in such a sensual world?
Beauty all around me, 
how could I behave as if 
this world smells 
only repulsive 
and unattractive?

Vibrating color 
unappreciated is tasteless, 
an unsavory course 
that causes indiscrete irregularity.

If Soul is left unknown and untouched, 
we lay in virginal beds of senseless determination –
only to die mind-numbing deaths ...
pretending to be something other than we are is boring.

Whoever said ...
that monotony and effort are required 
to be in relationship 
with one’s Self ...
was masquerading 
as a Self saboteur, 
a Self controlled artist 
restraining their own imagination.

I clear my mind, 
I die to the past 
to remain present 
in simplicity –
and meditate 
transforming my insanity 
all that contorts and extorts 
my Soul from my familiar patterns.

I am not blind 
in a world 
of growing illumination.

In such a musical world 
I hear the song of life 
animating the vessel of my meaning.

Role playing, to play a role, takes so much effort -
an exertion so full of impotent try,
that it manifests tiresome inertia 
into ever and ever deepening virulent weakness.

I sleep for days when I am inauthentic, 
exhausted from my own betrayal.

~~ Other People's Fingerprint ~~
Sometime after 1923 Brendan Behan wrote;
“Many of our fears are tissue paper thin,
and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them.”

                         "Self Portrait" by Karin Lisa Atkinson

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yucatan 1986: Integrated Power Produces Certainty

I think I am dreaming, 
when I see a face of a woman,
trapped in the ruins of a temple, 
overlooking the ocean.

I see this woman imagine her future, 
and then let go of her grasp on time.
Her next choice is cleared, 
reduced into an incremental moment.
Her result is grounded,
an accessible next step in time.

I touch the crumbling stone ledge, 
the angelic-fallings resting
on this window sill, 
still here, 
as a life-force-surge imprinted by sorrow.

The woman’s essence remains, 
from once upon a time long before now.
Confined and ghostly-hand printed
transparent remnants left for me to feel
and fold into my presence – 
this woman has surpassed time and its boundaries.

The woman’s emotions enter 
and overwhelm me – 
I feel her.
I feel her fear 
that her soul is falling, 
over a cliff edge
to be frenzied and churned, 
by the milky-white waves crashing below.

People here tell me stories of a Goddess,
who guards these temple grounds, 
where she was eventually imprisoned.
She found absolution in isolation -
isolation in birth and isolation in death.

Memory is a force, 
that goes beyond this incarnation.
Without knowing why
I am transported back in time
to the moment 
my consciousness entered the fertilized egg.
I tap into the courage awarded me
the moment I chose birth canal exit 
into an expanded community of consciousness.

Memory it is not a force that needs to be feared.
Memory communicates to me
to recall my personal power –
the unique, individualized original essence of me.
My afterbirth bits of my energy ...
I unconsciously left behind ...
somewhere ...
scattered back in time ...
overtime embedded within
the various life experiences, of me.

Our bodies can reflect 
the sum, total, all 
of our experience.

Empowered and strengthened
I am carried to the ledges of my own intentions.
I do not yet comprehend my decisions,
but I am required to face the fear
of my unknown choices.
I must let go not knowing
what my results will surrender me to.

Perhaps this Mayan woman, 
whose spirit has long since passed from this planet, 
intentionally left behind
the heart-prints of her Soul to show me ...
how to use my intention
to replenish my passion,
and integrate this power ...
my power into my presence.

Since re-membering all my experiences, 
from birth into present time,
I feel less like a concept
and more grounded in the reality of my own existence.
I feel less scattered, shattered and overshadowed -
I feel more fully the daily experience of waking
and reincarnating back integrating into my body.

Each event surrounding my past, present and future 
has cleared from the felt experiences in my body.
The sensation of my integrated power 
produces a certain kind of certainty -
certainty that I am ...
certainty that being still ...
creates a certain kind of knowingness ...
that I am here.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime around the year 600 BC, Sappho wrote;
“You may forget but let me tell you this:
someone in some future time will think of us…