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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

China, Vietnam 1992: Serve to Lead Your Own Inner Great Cause

I am on the border between
China and Vietnam.
I watch my step,
so I do not land on a mine.
The evidence of war is buried just below the surface -
the conviction between the peaceful and priceless,
is often found in the boundary of humanity 
reinstated then re-situated 
on the razor's edge of sanity.

Weapons of mass destruction
wound at incalculable worth ...
decamp, the valuables of the refugees ...
devalue, the invaluable heart of enlightenment ...
deflate, the moral price of self esteem.

The children, who play in these fields ...
the trades people, who walk these trails ...
lose more, than their daily Self worth ...
gain less, at the nightly expense of their Self survival.

The signs of life, and the sighs of the living,
sound through this scar infected region.
Inflation is the downturned economy's cry to battle,
to arouse, the propaganda to rouse the legions ...
to raise, the voices of the people
to sing, the songs that praise the rich's spoils from war ...
more war revenue, more natural resources needed ...
more calls for more battles, to take over ...
more fights for more rights, to have more ...
more competition to earn more, to invest in more.

Money is earned by tearing a land apart by it's seams,
and performing an emergency make over ...
to re-piece the puzzle back together again ...
in the image of it's creators, movers and shakers -
economic cultures built in the image of their makers.

What reins supreme, of a cause in the making,
is the fear consciousness used to call the public to arms.
Fear, created for profit by the mob bullying class ...
scarcity, created through downward declines ...
ego gains, returning to the investors augmented Self entitlement ...
investments, which earn more wrath of a joy rationed nation.

Peace lives within, each one voice, the choice so the presence of peace.
Peace lives within, each one voice, which desires the presence of peace.
Peace lives within, each one voice, who enjoys the presence of peace.
Peace lives within, each one, each one voice the powerful presence of peace.

Obtaining peaceful enlightenment, is not won at any price ...
nor need be sacrificed, by any one of us to gain material security -
simple presence, is bestowed on those working to that effect ...
peace created within, any one of us can serve to lead our own inner great cause.  

~ Other People's Fingerprints ~
Sometimes after 1207
Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī
also known as Rumi wrote;
"Where ever you stand, be the Soul of that place."