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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Los Angeles 2017: "False Spin, Magic Realism"

"Spin a yarn, weave a tale,
share a story, tell a lie.
What makes truth true,
and not a web of worries?
What makes culture real,
and not inappropriate appropriation?
What makes culture whole,
and not fabricated or manufactured?
Does a person's intention and desire,
individual permission and personal history,
create peace or foster war within?

In the world wide web of communication
is there common unity and common sense,
but does good intention count for anything?
Communion, existence is an encounter
in balance and equalization, where everything is
neither independent nor dependent -
existence is interdependence on everything else.
Everything is something that once held another shape -
and once experienced something other than it's self.

Wellness is well intended
when a person's heart and mind
creates for self and common good.
Heart felt self-respect promotes dignity,
and self-inclusiveness outweighs exclusion.

When respect is felt by all,
everybody's life counts,
everyone feels like they matter -
our planet physically counts for something.
Planetary spiritual alchemical charm -
a consensus of consciousness
that our collective Ancestors
called manifesting Magic.

When a person's Magic is real
presence manifests quiet calm to the quick -
such power moves the mass to heal,
to feel feelings felt,
intuitive ease in the core.
Magic does not take an army
to soldier belief or enforce followers -
Magic is awareness flowering
from the power of self-creation.

Magic rewards what gives life, not takes it.
For Magic, there are no rules of engagement.
Magic is presence, presence powers the cells -
empowers the Magic of gifting and receiving
simple insights, that manifest light in the day,
which at night warms and feeds the internal fire.

Magic is a lightness of being -
a Magi's illumination converts cold unconsciousness
and burns transparently clear any reign of illusion.
To take another's power, or life source,
will not give more to yourself -
but will be your unmaking
and only take it's toll,
extract an illusion at a cost
of your own self-respect and dignity.

Magic realism requires belief.
If I had to believe in something,
I would believe in myself.
My ability to spin a yarn,
weave a tale, share a story -
with peace, my life feels true.
Without peace what I create lies,
and my creations might lie awake
unable to rest in peace -
unable to touch any heart,
reach into what matters most,
travel the transformative void of now.

Atoms carry our stories,
memorized spins,
woven yarns of tales told.
Pushed dominoes stacked end to end,
mirroring solar storms of distance futures,
often mimicking the fear of our present dances.
The movement of each choice a truth or lie,
and everyone and everything in between,
creating a spin that blurs each choice.
Each choice archived in the world wide web,
each choice a dream not yet true or real.

What is the stuff that dreams are made of?
Yarns spun, tales woven, stories shared?
Inappropriate cultural appropriation?
Manufactured culture, fabricated reality?
Truth be told, what is true might not be said,
but truth is felt in hearts as worldly wisdom,
and does not create a web of worries,
but rests the soul at one with peace.

What choice will you make?
What choice makes you?
What choice will unmake you today?
What choice will you unmake today?
Truth be told, what is said can be undone.
To rest the soul at one with peace,
be magical today and tonight rest easy at peace."

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
In 1894, John Jacob Astor IV wrote,
"They had often seen it in the terrestrial sky,
emitting its strong, steady ray,
and had thought of that far-away planet,
about which till recently
so little had been known,
and a burning desire had possessed them
to go to it and explore its mysteries.
Now, thanks to apergy,
the force whose existence
the ancients suspected
but of which they knew so little,
all things were possible."