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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Los Angeles 2017: Lingering Impressions

If it was not for the blur in One's Life
then One would have no hope
of recognizing that reality is not real -
that reality is only one experience of oneness.

Born in the blur of Life
hope comes from impermanence
arises from transient, evanescent,
inconstancy of one life lived by One.

Effective living betters mediocracy
and restores individual livelihood
to self-create sustainable subsistence -
one life valued by the One who is living it.

One sets One's own individual standards,
to be beyond ultimate meaning and purpose,
to see clearly One's own unique existence,
to be the One in one once-in one lifetime.

To be certain of change, is to be
confident of Mind, courageous of Heart,
to create one life worth living,
once in one moment.

One's livelihood worth living
is to live for One's own self betterment
to provide One's own life transformational
talent from mediocrity and meaninglessness.

To be One's own self-guidance system,
is to be one force and freak of Nature - an awe,
in awe of awesome momentary awesomeness -
living one life is a flash in One's moment of eternity.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
In 1046-256 BC Laozi Li Er 李耳 wrote;
"Knowing others is wisdom,
knowing yourself is Enlightenment."

                                 Photography by Karin Lisa Atkinson

"What is Life if not gentle -
all Life values gentleness
admires gentleness, 
is in awe of gentleness. 

Who are the gentle - 
those who understand 
the power, 
 the presence 
and the passion 
of that which is, gentle.

Why are the gentle valued 
by those who are gentle, 
by those who are not gentle, 
by those who desire to be gentle -
gentility is the ability to respect Life. 

Gentility is a gift given 
to those who have the ability to listen, 
gentility is a gift cultivated 
by those who want to be listeners, 
gentility is a gift valued 
by those who want to be listened to, 
gentility is a gift of peace 
to all those who want to be peaceful. 

To be gentle is to be at peace, 
to be at peace is to be gentle, 
listen to the sound of peace, 
it sounds like gentleness -
step gently
leave gently, 
create gentle impressions, 
be peaceful."

"Beauty among Life's pins and needles,
always there, sometimes blurred, 
but always present in full bloom,
or as presence in a seed, 
hidden below the surface, 
yet ready to blossom, 
on any given day and night, 
all year long, all the time, 
Beauty isn't seasonal, nor finite, 
Beauty is eternal, infinite -
seek Beauty to find Beauty, 
because Beauty is always present, 
buried within the seed that contains all Life"

"Impressions move the Mind
to change form into emotions -
and transform perception of Self. 
Impressions can magnify to simplify, 
and minimize to complicate - 
extolling the magnificence of Life, 
while glorifying the significance of the living. 
Take a moment to reperceive, 
and that one moment will change your life - 
transform how you lead to live your life, 
and how you live to lead your life."