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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Los Angeles 2017: "Urban Planet", "Everything Revolves Around It's Center"

"Cities on planet Earth tend to be large -
what is large about Earth bound cities
is their personality and history -
the history of their personality.
Be careful when you investigate a city -
take small steps, long breaths, smile often.

When searching a city for any sign of Life,
close your eyes and feel your way around -
move in circles starting from the city center.
Close your eyes, open your heart,
extend your hands in front of you,
plant your feet on the ground,
stretch and separate your toes -
the best part of the body for navigating Life,
is the soft part between your fingers and toes.

The soft part of the body,
between the fingers and toes,
is the last place corrupted by greed -
the location of the body's soft spots
remember, hold the memory
of how to be a child,
and be child like.

If you encounter someone in the city,
don't crush their hand by shaking it -
torturing the soft spot between the fingers,
with a vise grip like wrench of their hand,
which squeezes the Life out of their body.
If you meet someone living in the city,
best to smile, from ear to ear.
Let them know that there is nothing to fear -
not a single thing hiding between your teeth,
or lurching beneath your tongue!

My experience, of which there is plenty,
has taught me to smile and laugh
when greeting people -
I expose the inside of my head,
by letting them see all the way in
to the back of my throat.
I let them see my friendliness, imagine
while they are watching me smile and laugh,
that I must have super powers -
or at least the ability to smile and laugh at will.
I have the power to share joy,
spread kindness and offer friendship.

When exploring cities on planet Earth
it's great to let people know,
what is in your heart and on your mind -
empty yourself, so you can choose,
to create your best hand-shake foot-forward,
by being available and present
by offering a spectacular beginning
to any introductory moment.

Let go of being the enemy of friendship,
so you can be a human first!
If you see enemies first,
then you will never have friends.
It is harder to make a friend,
if they were first your enemy.

Above all things,
the most important thing of all,
is to fill your time with human kindness.
Be friendly, be a friend to attract a friend.
Friendship is what makes the world go round."

"At the center of everything is it's own center.
The center of each thing's center is central.
Central to the center of each thing is it's core.
The center, of the core at the center of all things, is central.
Central to all things is the core meaning of what is central.
The central meaning, of all cores, is the Life at the center.
Life is, the core of all centralized things, central to Life.
Centralized cores, are at the center, of all concentric Life.
Concentric Life is organized according to what is central.
What is central is the core meaning of concentric life.
The core meaning of Life is Life having concentric meaning."