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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Santa Fe, New Mexico 2003: The Sum Of Our Whole

I remind my Self -
“Our Self reflections 
patiently carve 
our way 
along the initiatory river of life.”

I read -
Over two thousand years ago, 
Cantor argued that Aristotle 
was making a distinction,
that in truth the potentially infinite
has only a borrowed reality –
the potentially infinite is, 
always, connected t
a prior existing, infinite, potential.

I recall -
Before he died in 1037, 
mathematician Abu Ali ibn Sina 
wrote The Book of Healing.
He wrote -
God is infinite intelligence, 
so it is a crucial human activity to gain knowledge,
to understand the intelligibles, 
which determine fate, 
of the rational soul, in the hereafter.

I write -
The art of receptivity is a bracelet of consciousness, 
soul-beads, linked, together-moments, 
like prayer-beads forged in the glass of awareness.
Created with love to be touched, 
each bead’s radiance is its unique gift to this world -
liquid-jeweled light-forged by fire, 
given freely in inspiration with no attachment.

I read -
In 1584 Giordano Bruno 
wrote a book on the infinite universe and the worlds.
The Catholic Inquisition tortured him nine years, 
so he would agree the universe is finite.
He refused attempts to change his views, 
so he was burned at the stake, fired for his ideas.

I write  -
Soul is beautiful -
glass-like coloured-light 
passing through our fingers
each bead of time.
We are never alone, 
the time-light of our soul 
reminds our inner Self 
that each moment passes 
through our life 
accompanied in the eternal 
embrace of sunlight and moonlight.

I feel -
Light and love if judged have imperfections, 
so why bother judging 
the quality of light in sunrises and sunsets -
the outer form 
that light takes 
is only one aspect of its colour.
The larger whole body of light
is experience 
not always visible 
to the naked eye.
One person sees the sun decreasing, 
it's setting is the fall of light dying -
another person, in another part of the world, 
sees the sun increasing, 
it's rise is the ascent of light birthing.

I read -
In the seventh century a mathematician in India, 
Bhaskasa II wrote in the Bijaganita -
“A quantity divided by zero becomes a fraction, 
the denominator of which is zero.
This fraction is termed an infinite quantity.
In this quantity consisting of 
that which has zero for its advisor, 
there is no alteration, 
though many may be inserted or extracted; 
as no change takes place 
in the infinite 
and immutable God when worlds are created 
or destroyed,
though numerous orders of beings 
are absorbed 
or put forth.”

I remember -
In the year two thousand an old man in Brazil 
lay his hands on his heart and whispered –
each person counts, 
each person matters, 
we are our extremes 
and everything in between.

I muse -
I challenge my Self to practice new equations, 
live in my heart’s marvelous dimensions.
Experience is created 
never only from a single facet 
of our jewel’s perfection –
our aspects contain our flaws born of pressure, 
our stresses from forming over time -
each part of our experience 
adds to the sum of our whole, 
in all our parts exist our soul.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Alexander Solzhenitsyn 1970 Nobel Prize acceptance speech;
“Not everything has a name, 
some things lead us into a realm beyond words … 
to revelations unattainable by reason. 
It is like that small mirror in fairy tales – 
and what you see is not yourself; 
for an instant you glimpse the Inaccessible, 
where no magic carpet can take you.