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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nova Scotia 2001: Multiverses Vibrating and Singing Manifest Our Blessings Into Focus

Most of what we swallow does us no good at all
unless during the digestion
we are consciously creating our process.

I am making fish tacos and vegetarian chili
for my brother and parents,
while high in the sky
a hurricane builds up outside,
above the rainfall.
Below the rainfall,
in the downpour,
I stir the chili faster and faster,
then slow down
easing into gentle.

Intensity is the whirl in the pool,
the strong current that directs,
and steers the river’s life force
to flow towards its destiny.

Intensity drives the river,
transforming rage and depression
into crystalline waterfalls
cascading surrender to unknown depths.

My eyes are watering
from chopped onions
and the radio broadcast from Afghanistan -
as I stare into the chili
a warm tear falls
diluting the heat
of the tomato, spice and honey.

Intensity is the well from which the water is drawn to quench mediocrity.
Intensity transforms lack of imagination into a surplus of inspiration.

Intensity transmutes into rainbows
colored multi-faceted, multi-dimensional
silken veils of arched light
performing shimmering transparent flexibility.

Intensity is the desire to feel,
respect and value everyone’s tears
and cries in the dark -
and cries in the light.

Intensity is the intension to be alive,
laugh in the light
and embrace change
within the darkness of our hearts.

I add another pinch of dark brown chocolate cocoa,
the color adds richness to the body of this broth.
With my tongue I taste the chocolate honey chili
feeling the strength of integrated spice.

Intensity nurtures our cells to grow strong
so every night we travel in our dreams
to places our soul knows and recognizes -
places where all of humanity receives blessings,
and all of humanity's prayers are answered.

Some individuals pray for death, revenge and remorse,
while others pray for life, love and freedom born in forgiveness.
Each individual prayer balances out the collective whole,
desire, want and need for more than what is seen and heard.
Each individuals lives out what they pray for,
if they pray for revenge they live out revenge,
if they pray for love they live out love.

Intensity teaches us to dream our own dreams,
so each night we sleep with our own dreams,
so each day we wake with our own dreams,
and live our dreams in order to grow stronger,
and closer to our own individual soul.

My whole pot is full of a diversity of chili beans,
with some varieties sized, shaped and colored,
different from the rest, each one unique.
To take my spoon and try to search out
that one bean I see and seek as harmfully different,
is like trying to find needles of hay straws
within stacks of hay in fields growing hay.
Seeking one fish in the sea, one bird in the sky,
or one separate criminal in a whole country -
is a mission seeking vision,
whose vision is seeking purpose.
I decide to not destroy the whole pot of chili
in my attempt to find only one bean.

Intensity dances through our nervous system
informing circulation to ignite our ambition,
and desire to create intention and action.

Intensity is legacy in motion,
from first breath each moment is breathed into creation,
until our final breath fills eternity
with the impression of all our creations.

Intensity is the poetry of inspiration,
our humanity’s motion, smell and taste
whispered in our ear as fate,
and faith in the heat of how
some seek to touch community through connection
and intimacy in wanting to be heroically embraced.

Intensity is riches fulfilled
by the wisdom of loving communication,
listening and glancing into multiverses
vibrating and singing manifest
our blessings into focus.

~~ Other people's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime after 1856 Booker Taliaferro Washington said,
“I will permit no man
to narrow and degrade my soul
by making me hate him...”

Friday, June 8, 2012

Beijing 1989: I Am Full of Peace, I Create My Own Truth

Beijing vivid
wonderful city full of life -
on streets, in houses,
canals, trees, hills,
horses and carts.

Only the fired coal,
from stoves cooking dinner,
and the enlightened songs,
from birds,
ever crowd the city at dusk.

Sunrises are slow,
lazy with haze and smoke
from mid night dampness.
The early dew,
my faithful companion
escorts me to watch the day unfold.

Vendors set up a convoy
of street side market stalls
and cry encouragement -
to older men and women
who take morning exercise.

Early enough to remain safe
from the army of bicycles
ridden by dare devil youth,
emerging energized and seeking solace
from their previous night’s sleep,

The daily task of peacemaking.
The nightly storm of creating peace.

In Dawn’s near beginning
mist creeps in to erase
the topical habits
of the last active people -
most recently awakened
from the game of death
and life.

I gain a slight understanding
to the spirits
patrolling the heart of the city -
as I take the first watch
of the first active citizens
wandering the edges
around the gates of heavenly peace.

Nothing to lose
and everything to gain
by strolling the parameters of integrity,
and exploring the character of the neighborhood.

The nightly storm of creating peace.
The daily task of peacemaking.

I touch our creature comforts
and gain essence
to understand our hearts
within this city of walled thoughts
to be

No thing and every thing is bidden with faith
and liberated in one deep united breath of fate.

I spend brief quiet moments
stirring the vulnerable psyche
within my emotions -
defenseless while they are waking.

My at-risk thoughts
are short lived here in the open,
my feelings involve
dare devil skills to execute
and a great deal of energy
to narrow the focus
of my minds eye’s attention.

I am surrounded by my own senses
and I expect imminent consumption –
not only from the noisy hoards of tasks
mastering my day,
but the psychic warfare
shattering my mind.

The daily task of peacemaking.
The nightly storm of creating peace.

I meditate and pray to be free and clear –
that the events which disrupt my reason
will free up what is trapped
unconscious in my space.
Grateful to be clear within mySelf
ready for new development,
and welcoming increased growth.

I am free within my Self to choose.
I choose love, I choose expansion.
I create peace full harmony.
I am alive within my Self.
I am full of peace creating my bliss of truth.

The nightly storm of creating peace.
The daily task of peacemaking.

Living life to my fullest
is as simple as being
Self power full,
even when I feel my Self
less than full
of my own power.

I am free within my Self to choose.
I choose love, I choose expansion.
I create peace full harmony.
I am alive within my Self.
I am full of peace, I create my own of truth.

~~Other People's Fingerprints ~~
During the Zhou Dynasty, Laozi (Li Er 李耳)wrote,
"Music in the soul can be heard by the universe"

Shaoshi Mountain, China 1992
by Karin Lisa Atkinson

"Life is a shower 
that purifies the body, 
so it can host the experience 
of the presence of a Soul."
Poem by Karin Lisa Atkinson, June 6th, 2014 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Los Angeles 2010: I Fully Exist

My poems
took me my entire life to produce.
The stories I tell 
are non-scripted 
of time, travel and tension.

My earlier work was violent, 
absurd, non-linear and sad.
Lesions oozing 
from the world 
of stirred realities 
and confused illusions,
I never knew 
which was which …
but I always felt 
every breath deeply 
and every tear dramatically –
that is when I could cry…
most times my eyes 
were blind and dry –
I had seen and given, 
too much of myself
to produce any more 
expendable moisture 
of any kind.

I gave away my Soul 
each moment, 
while creating the art 
of my living.
I gave away 
my Soul, 
for the masses, 
of undesiring 

I no longer stand 
on window ledges 
and rooftops watching 
shouting out to them, 
at them 
or with them…

Nor do I write 
anymore of wounds
to perpetuate 
the violent complexity 
of my inner struggle,
and defeated Self-esteem.

I no longer 
bang my head 
against walls, 
or doorways 
to the unknown.

I no longer 
roam the streets 
and denied
with no place to sleep,
and no sleep to reap 
deeply fulfilling dreams.

There are things that I have seen 
that no one should ever have to witness seen.

There are words that I have heard 
that no one should ever have to hear spoken.

Due to it all, life, my life -
this experience of living hell 
and questionable mental sanity -
I have blossomed –
flowered from a seed hiding, 
germinating, in the dirt,
into a woman forged of fortitude
to battle standing up 
the chaos of the world within,
and the world without.

I know I am foolish enough 
to always find a store of optimism,
to forgive everything
and wake up the next day, fully present,
having forgot the ruin 
and destruction of the past day before.

I know that I am a loving person,
and that each moment is an opportunity 
to redefine myself, to myself, for myself.

I know fully
that each day 
is an exercise in discovering - 
new ways to love myself,
no matter what…
and so the journey goes on -
until it ceases to exist…
My eternal I 
further ventures
into the wonderland 
of the bodiless soul of adventure -
I will never cease, 
nor desist, 
because without a doubt, 
I know I fully exist.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
 William F. Scolavino wrote;
“The height of your accomplishments
will equal the depth of your convictions.”

Friday, June 1, 2012

Toronto 1987: Clarity Integrates My Everything, Into My Everyday Body of Reality

Immobility glues my feet down cold.
Frozen to the sidewalk during the radiant heights of Winter,
I see time separate out my thoughts from my feelings –
like an egg yolk from its whites,
the whites drop onto the street
pulling my confused emotions,
to bed, there with them.

I lose my sensitivity,
I become a witness to my own life.
As if in a dream I watch the agents of willpower aggress time
to accelerate my self-determination, my direction.
I watch the engineers of nature
interweave all my natural forces together.

What is happening I do not know,
I was simply walking down the street,
shopping at the Saint Lawrence Farmer's Market.
Last night I simply held my fingertip under a dripping tap
until my fingerprint washed away.
Today I simply stand holding my head between my hands ...
as my frozen bubble of sorrow bursts.
Pain has lived full-time above my head ...
it seems to have always cast
a false sense of confidence onto my life.

A passing streetcar accelerates
running over my sorrow’s spilled seductions.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police ride-by
policing the violence of my icy stance.
Their prancing-ways horse-trample away
hooves full of my frozen egg white solid sentiment.
The bursting of my bubble,
un-harnesses sentiments of yesterday,
that unbridle my today free.

These transparent shadows of containment gone,
I cease my inner war,
I surrender to Self-liberation,
I change my attitude and relax
in this seasonal change –
somehow I know timelessness of constancy, transforms.

Time arrests me to the sidewalk,
while gravity suspends my life’s seasonal spell of chills.

Time bonds my choices to my results
like maple syrup sticks to snow in Winter.

I have never experienced anything like this before.
I feel my soul resonate my inner source,
somehow my awareness of myself has grown.

Inside me
I feel
my feminine and masculine energies intercourse,
unite to clear my way.
These forces activate,
move my mind to act,
build my foundation of purpose –
create a life
away from the reactive struggles
that do not define me.

My hands and feet tingle
as they unblock,
my legs twitch,
my spine reconfigures –
as my heart aligns my truth
with my voice, sight, sound, reason, and actions.
I watch my bio-electromagnetic matrix embroider
these speed of light changes.

This harmonic convergence
serenades my soul
and charges it to evolve;
it emanates an aura
instructing my Self
to not be defined by my experiences.
The all of me emerges,
merges with the biosphere,
I become light;
a thin membrane of life
extending multi-directionally
covering the entire crust of Earth.

Instability shivers
the central nervous system of my global brain –
the vast distance gaps
in incarnate realities,
the voids between souls,
are closing.

The Earth’s mental field locks,
so brain can link
and speak directly to brain.
I shift into accessibility,
energize, awaken
and consciously activate my cells into balance.
This operatic moment sings heavy
as everything unifies
to design and radiate my dreams.

This moment is the addition of moments,
the culminating whole
of my sum total
of my existence.
My I am presence is integrating my within
with my without,
interior and exterior are one,
no longer separate parts of a greater whole.
I awaken to my possibility of more,
my more potential creating my more possibility.
my senses intuitively integrate
my everything into my everyday body of reality.

~~ Other People's Fingerprints ~~
Sometime before 347 BC Plato wrote,
“...perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens
for one who desires to see it,
and having seen it,
to find himself.”